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Andrej Pejic here he goes again- posing as a female on another women’s magazine cover.


To be candid I am a great fan of Andrej Pejic and his gender bender work but I am beginning to wish well he went back to modeling as a man. Even if it’s just for the weekend.

In the latest installment of fashion’s inside joke (that a pretty bloke can now replace a woman and put most women to shame as well as turn the idea of gender upside down and thus catch more eyeballs) Mr Pejic is dressed in an ethereal type of dress for Canadian glam magazine simply titled Fashion Canada for their February cover. It seems now everyone is lining up to get on the fad (I’m beginning to lose count of the back to back androgynous covers Mr Pejic has done) which is telling me that pretty soon Mr Pejic will soon find himself needing surgery to become the female he has hinted he would like to be or going back to modeling as a man.

Why he hasn’t been used on more male magazine covers is pause for wonder. Is it because he’s too effeminate even for the ideal male, that at a size 25 inch waist Mr Pejic really doesn’t have much recourse or that the continual use of Mr Pejic and surprisingly no other male model as a female cover model can only mean that sooner or later the love affair we have all been having with the androgynous model will dissipate and he will have to try modeling as a man again for a change, which frankly would be more refreshing and groundbreaking than having him come out in a dress every other weekend.



  1. women are stupid, gay men in the fashion industry find them repulsive and this is the end game… in 5 years the male designers will be insisting on males or transexuals and stupid women will have cheerleaded the whole thing.

    And straight men really can’t get their head around it. Imagine a woman EVER being pushed as the ideal male. There are plenty of androgynous women about… There’s one reason why it won’t happen. men aren’t insecure enough to fall for it. They’d just laugh

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