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Toni Kelly photos: New Zealand woman dies taking perfect selfie

Toni Kelly
Pictured, New Zealand woman, Toni Kelly who died after falling while taking a selfie. All images via social media.

Toni Kelly a New Zealand traveler dies trying to take a selfie from a second floor window in London. The pursuit of social media cache and the daring risks. 

Toni Kelly a 20 year old New Zealand woman and avid traveler has died after falling to her death while trying to take a selfie.

Reports told of Kelly, who at the time of her travels had been living in London dying November 14, two days after plunging out of a second story window.

At the time of her fall, the Evening Standard reported Kelly suffering a severe brain injury.

In the aftermath of Kelly’s death, the woman’s family started a fundraiser to come up with cash to bring her remains home. As of Friday evening EST, they had raised over $39,000.

‘My niece sadly passed away after an awful accident. Will be sadly missed by all,’ said her aunt, Sharon Kelly. ‘She was a happy, sweet, caring young lady full of life. Her parents are devastated beyond words.’

Kelly frequently posted photos of her travels — at the Electric Picnic music festival in Ireland, posing in front of London landmarks Big Ben and Trafalgar Square and on trips across California.

Perhaps foreboding, Kelly in her Instagram bio had written, ‘Might as well be Peter Pan cause I’m never gonna grow up.’

Her family said they’d donated her organs to help save other lives in the UK.

Kelly’s death comes in the latest of social media users risking all for what many describe as the ‘perfect selfie’ in a bid to gain prominence and followers on social media channels. The practice of constant updating on social media in the wake of the rise of reality stars documenting their hyper idealized lives has since lent imagination to others seeking to emulate celestial glam, fame and social cache….something that Kelly ironically achieved in more ways than she had ever tragically intended.

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Toni Kelly
Pictured, Toni Kelly

Toni Kelly

Toni Kelly
Toni Kelly
Toni Kelly
Toni Kelly

Toni Kelly

Toni Kelly
Toni Kelly
Toni Kelly
Toni Kelly