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AR-15 rifle: Omar Mateen used same gun favored by other mass shooters

Omar Mateen AR-15 rifle
Pictured from left to right, Omar Mateen, Adam Lanza and James Holmes.
Omar Mateen AR-15 rifle
Pictured from left to right, Omar Mateen, Adam Lanza and James Holmes.

Omar Mateen AR-15 rifle: What’s led to the proliferation of mass murderers consistently resorting to using the AR-15 semi automatic weapon?

It seems when it comes time to kill swaths of people in the quickest possible amount of time and decisive fashion, mass shooters have all consistently turned to the AR-15 rifle.

Joining the line up of recent and notorious murderers is newest and latest incarnate, Omar Mateen, who after Sunday morning’s Orlando Pulse nightclub massacre stands miles ahead of previous high trailers, including Adam Lanza, James Holmes along with late comers, San Bernardino husband and wife actSyed Rizwan Farook and wife Tashfeen Malik who managed to fatally gun down 14 people along with seriously injuring 22 co-workers with their very own AR-15 rifle, late 2015.

While Lanza had managed to slaughter 20 children and six adults in Newtown, Conn. in 2012, Holmes wasn’t too far behind, when earlier that year the Dark Knight wannabe nabbed himself 12 people along with wounding 70 in a movie theater in Aurora, Colo.

That of course pales next to Omar Mateen who at least to his fortitude, perverted determination and distorted perception of the universe managed to outdo them all with a minimum of 53 kills and 50 plus injuries, with more deaths expected on the way. All of which this weekend, made him the unanimous US champion of most mass shooting kills in US history.

All courtesy of the Ar-15 rifle, which for those of you in the killing mood (this is becoming a sickening national sport is it not?) is legal legitimate purchase once you wrap your mind around it. I haven’t just yet.

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Omar Mateen AR-15 rifle
The type of AR-15 rifle that Omar Mateen used.

So how did the AR-15 rifle become such a favorite you wonder?

In the state of Florida, where Mateen lived and worked, while one is required to observe a mandatory three day waiting period between purchases and delivery of handguns, no such waiting period exists for Ar-15.

Notes quartzIn Florida, would-be gun owners don’t need a license to own or buy a rifle, shotgun or handgun, according to the NRA’s website. You just have to fill out an ID form, and pay $8 for a background check

Which of course makes it very convenient for those of you in the mass killing mood.

All that is required is simply turning up and proving you don’t already have a criminal record and voila, $8 down, you can soon be off to the killing races. All thanks to a large extent courtesy of the NRA which believes in your inalienable second amendment rights to bear arms.

Omar Mateen AR-15 rifle
The Orlando shooter used a .223-caliber AR-type rifle like this one.

Notes the nypost: Florida does not require background checks and has no special regulations on assault weapons such as the AR-15, which provides maximum killing power.

The weapon, dubbed the M-16 by the Army in the 1950s, allows shooters to fire as quickly as they can pull the trigger.

Usually, an AR-15 magazine contains up to 30 rounds, but higher capacity magazines can be purchased.

Versions of the AR-15 were prohibited in 1994 under the federal assault weapons ban, which was lifted in 2004.

Who knew such high powered assault weapons were as simple as getting in your car and driving down to your local WalMart? Well that used to be the case, until as recently as August, 2015 when the retailer finally succumbed to pressure and declining sales (after political posturing forced the retailer enforcing its own tighter background checks).

So pernicious is the use of AR-15 rifles, fans of the semi-automatic weapon managed post-Sandy Hook threats of legislative overhaul scampering off to Florida and other states, where a burst of demand soon led to the doubling of price for such beauties. 

‘What should surprise — and horrify —us is that Remington actively promotes the AR-15’s capacity to inflict mass casualties,’ the Sandy Hook families wrote in a nytimes opinion piece at the time.

A post that Omar Mateen may have casually chanced upon not too recently….

The Orlando shooter used a .223-caliber AR-type rifle like this one.
A combo picture shows weapons and ammunition carried by the San Bernardino shooters.
Omar Mateen AR-15 rifle
This July 2012 evidence photo shows an AR-15 and blood by sandals following the July 20, 2012 Colorado theater shooting by James Holmes in Aurora, Colo.