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Sean Kory mugshot the new Jeremy Meeks best looking criminal?

Sean Kory
Sean Kory is also a preferred hawt bixch.

Sean Kory has over the weekend become America‘s newest contender for best looking criminal after his mugshot went viral, pitting him against recently arrested felon Jeremy Meeks who came to capture the nation’s imagination with his own swooning appearances.

Kory’s arrest came after the man allegedly beat up a partygoer for dressing as a Fox news anchor with an aluminum tennis racket on Halloween.

At the time Sean Kory is heard to have screamedI hate Fox News’ before accosting the party goer dressed in their Halloween ensemble.

Since the Santa Cruz, Californian man’s arrest social media users have been wondering if he too, like Meeks before him might be offered a bevy of modeling opportunities.

Told one user via the hashtag #feloncrushfriday‘Maybe he’ll get a contract with calvin klein now…’

That said Sean Kory’s aspirations in the fashion leagues like Jeremy Meeks may be tempered by the man’s previous brushes with the law.

As far back as 2008, Kory was arrested in Gainesville, Florida for marijuana possession.

His mugshot even then hinted at the more striking booking photo to come.

Now that he’s being compared to Meeks, another question arises: Will Kory go on to capitalize on his internet fame?

Interestingly cops have not been able to say whether Kory was also in costume at the time of the alleged assault or why he had a tennis racket.

Are you a possible contender for America’s best looking criminal heart throb too?

Sean Kory
Sean Kory and Jeremy Meeks both making America swoon…
Sean Kory
Kory is seen in a 2008 Florida booking photo that hinted at the more striking mugshot to come. At right, the dreadlocked gentleman strikes a less conspicuous pose

Sean Kory

Sean Kory


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