Home Scandal and Gossip Jeremy Meeks manager received death threats from gang members

Jeremy Meeks manager received death threats from gang members

Jeremy Meeks manager received death threats
The reality of Jeremy Meeks begins to set in…

It seems Jeremy Meeks foray into celebrity and the high fashion stakes may not be going so well after all after Jeremy Meeks manager has come to receive death threats at the hands of gang members.

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Tells tmz: Meeks’ family hooked the convicted felon up with some representation this week — hoping to capitalize on his new-found fame — but things quickly went south.

We’re told his manager received around 30 harassing phone calls from “gangster-sounding people” … and one person repeatedly threatened to blow her head off — saying she deserved to die.

Then again perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised given the fact that Jeremy Meeks besides being the internet’s new collective pretty boy actually happens to have a long history as a legitimate career criminal, including a stint with the Northside Crips gang. Which may or may not be active, this despite Meeks insisting ‘those days’ are long gone. Or are they?

Since being incarcerated, Jeremy Meeks attorney, Gina Rodriguez has told that her client’s  popularity has caused him problems with the guards and other gang members in the jail.

Jeremy Meeks’ manager has since filed a report with the L.A. County Sheriff’s Dept.

Of course one can’t help but wonder if the ‘alleged death threat’ might just be a ruse on behalf’s Jeremy’s manager to keep the Jeremy Meeks story alive and the sponsorship deals flowing…