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Jeremy Meeks Mug Shots: He looks so damn ugly

Jeremy Meek Mug Shots
Do some men just age better?

While the internet has taken to swooning over the visage of Jeremy Meeks after Stockton Police Department posted his mug shot on their  Facebook wall in relation to a gang related arrest earlier this week, social media hasn’t exactly been too rosy with previous Jeremy Meek mug shots over the years. In fact the internet pretty much hates them. So what happened?

Jeremy Meeks lands $30 000 modeling contract. But will he be freed? 

Jeremy Meeks to wear designer clothes during trial. Reality show too… 

Jeremy Meeks manager received death threats from gang members 

Jeremy Meeks set to make $30 000 a month as a supermodel 

The violent reality of Jeremy Meeks: Crips member, grand theft, gun possession and identity theft. 

Jeremy Meeks, model prisoner becomes internet meme. Sorry he’s married ladies 

Jeremy Meeks 2002 mugshot shows the then convicted grand theft felon looking on the boyish, sporting afro hair and not quite the statuesque face that he has come to be known for of late.

In 2009, Jeremy Meeks was arrested again, and by then our collective hero was looking more and more like the hot vixen America would come to fall deeply in love with 5 years later on, which is to say, aging has suited the 30 year old Jeremy Meeks quite well thank you very much.

The latest update on Jeremy Meeks tells that the career felon (and despite his ravishing good looks, that is what he has spent a majority of his time being) came to be first arraigned since his arrest late yesterday afternoon. He was assigned a public defender and the judge ordered his bail upped from $900K to $1 million. Which is to suggest good looks aside, the judge was probably more concerned with the recently paroled gang member running around with a gun and possibly believing him to be an active member of the Northside Gangster Crips gang.

top image via tmz

Jeremy Meeks mug shots
Jeremy Meeks mug shot 2002
Jeremy Meeks mug shots
Jeremy Meeks mug shot 2009

And then there were these comments on the web that made me wonder:

huh… he went from looking like a hunky white troglodyte with silver-blue eyes and a nice tan to a crowded forehead hairline afro-wearer with brown eyes. what’s up with the eyes in the popularized “viral” pic?

Unfortunately, you may not like what I write, but this is what race-mixing, White,/Black,produces: A better looking “Black” person in this case lighter skin tone,European/Caucasian features and blue eyes. No wonder women like this.

fake contacts or photoshop? this whole thing is fishy and reeks of twisted racism



  1. I completely agree. It seems that he had blue contacts in for the mug shot. In addition, he is NOT attractive at all.

  2. Actually not true in his case: he had contacts on in the most recent photo. He doesn’t have natural blue eyes.

  3. This guy is ugly as fuck. It was the picture and nothing more. Everybody has taken good pictures but even in that mug shot he still looks like shit.

  4. really this is the guy everyone going crazy over because hes “so good looking” omg there is nothing good looking about this guy. and whats up with one picture he has brown eyes and the next fake blue. no thanks he doesnt have anything ,
    on my sons. yuk.

  5. His eyes are not fake my daughter has grey blue eyes and they always change.when shes pale they are light grey. In the summer they are blue grey just like this guys.When she wears certain colors they are blue like the ocean.

  6. he shaved his head and there’s better lighting in the new one.. but other than that, he looks the same, but older.. his mom’s white and has light eyes, same color as him. So he obviously got them from her, and his dad’s black. I don’t understand what you’re trying to say here.

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