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Pippa Middleton to be hired as NBC Today correspondent?

Pippa Middleton NBC Today correspondent
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It looks as if British socialite Pippa Middleton is set to become a mainstay on American television as the sister of Kate Middleton is rumored to be on the verge of being offered a slot as a special correspondent (define special) with NBC’s Today show.

Pippa Middleton explains to Matt Lauer what it’s like to be a well to do socialite

The rumor comes courtesy of a honcho head which tells page6 that Pippa Middleton’s interview with collective hero Matt Lauer this past June was a big ratings hit as the outlet had looked to bring the socialite on.

Tells the source: ‘Today has been doing a test piece with Pippa in Utah, and if it works out well – and it looks like it will – they will hire her as a correspondent.’

Told the source in June: ‘NBC, along with all the major networks, has been trying to sign Pippa for some time.’

The source added NBC’s deal with Pippa would be for special reports on subjects such as lifestyle and health, rather than dishing on the British royals. Do you suppose?

The latest assertion comes  despite a NBC rep previously denying speculation that NBC was looking to bring on the notorious royal sister: ‘This is 100 percent not true and it seems anyone suggesting otherwise is ‘royally’ ­jealous.’

No word yet on how much Pippa is set to be paid as the socialite is set to once again attempt to make her migration to the big leagues…

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Pippa Middleton NBC Today correspondent
Let’s hope Matt and Pippa perfect their chamomile tea cup manners for America ….
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