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Oh really? Jill Kelley got to visit the White house three times in the last three months with her twin sister. But how?

Jill Kelley
Jill Kelley looking a tad nervous earlier this week.


Jill Kelley
Jill Kelley looking a tad nervous earlier this week.

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In the daily onslaught of ‘this is Jill Kelley staring in her own made for tabloid drama,’ today’s episode focuses on the housewife cum upwardly mobile socialite regaling how she got to visit the White house a mere 3 times in the last 3 months. Which is probably 3 times more than you and I have ever gone in our whole life time.

According to reports hitting the internet, our upwardly mobile socialite with her twin sister, Natalie Khawam in tow was able to score two sit down meals at the Executive Mansion mess hall and on another occasion Blanche Dubois was able to cop a White house tour with her family, cause that’s the type of thing you aim for when your name has gilded license plates attached to it.

Mrs Kelley’s entry into the high stakes of pedigree acquaintances where she has hosted a number of lavish boites for the likes of David Petraeus and his chum General John Allen where it is said a mere 20-30 000 email correspondences have taken place (some flirtatious, hmm…) is all the more impressive given Mrs Kelley’s humble beginnings as the daughter of Lebanese immigrants.

Setting tongues wagging further is the assertion that Mrs Kelley attempted to lean on her connects in trying to attain not one but two instances of  ‘diplomatic protection’ from the media, which might be fine if one is a diplomat or a senior government official which Mrs Kelley to her chagrin is not even though that may be something she may have lobbied for.

All of which raises the awkward question how does a woman who for all intensive purposes has no legal or authoritative pull manage to secure such access and fanfare? After all let’s not forget it was her reaching out to an FBI agent Fred Humphries (who wasn’t adverse to sending Mrs Kelley topless pictures of himself) that led to that agent then going out of his way to make sure her request to have nasty emails she was receiving investigated by the FBI. Which is a service that is generally granted to zero percent of the population who do not occupy senior roles in government or industry. Then again one has to wonder if Paula Broadwell was playing at her own charming game with CIA chief David Petraeus so was Mrs Kelley which may be the reason why she got all those fuck off emails from Mrs Paula Broadwell in the first place…

Jill Kelley,March Rubio, Natalie Khawam
Jill Kelley, left, and her twin sister Natalie Khawam pose with March Rubio, then a candidate for Senate, in March 2010. They only attended his event for the photo, staff said