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Paula Broadwell regrets her affair with David Petraeus. Will the public buy it?

Paula Broadwell.
Paula Broadwell. Can she charm herself back into the heart of America?
Paula Broadwell.
Paula Broadwell and her husband Dr Scott Broadwell as they returned to their Charlotte home in North Carolina yesterday. 

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Paula Broadwell, David Petraeus mistress returns home with her husband. Still together for now.

Paula Broadwell, David Petraeus mistress turns up in public with husband

Jill Kelley would like to remind you that Paula Broadwell is a criminal.

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Jill Kelley writes pleading emails to Tampa mayor claiming she is receiving threats all night.

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Paula Broadwell’s emails to Jill Kelley revealed. Very catty indeed…

David Petraeus affair scandal part of a White House cover up?

David Petraeus’ wife can’t believe the shame Paula Broadwell has caused.

It seems Paula Broadwell is now having misgiving about her affair with former CIA chief David Petraeus, this according to a friend who has spoken anonymously to the press.

suntimes: A person close to Broadwell said Sunday she deeply regrets the damage that has been done to her family and other families affected, and she is trying to repair that and move forward. 

The declaration comes pursuant to Paula Broadwell and her husband Dr Scott Broadwell and their two sons returning to their Charlotte North Carolina homelast nightwhere her husband told waiting media there would be a statement that they publicly planned to release to the public. Of course one wonders if they have already begun issuing a statement through the anonymous friend as a kind of proxy to gauge public reaction to Paula Broadwell’s indiscretions?

The affair in part has made Paula Broadwell’s desired ascent in the media and political arena uncertain as she had in recent months had been currying support and affinity with players within the above arenas. It is thought her ultimate aim was to parlay her military and academic curriculum vitae into something expansive, especially off the back of her biography on David Petraeus (‘All In: The Education of General David Petraeus,’) which was suppose to give her heightened credibility. ‘Supposed to’ being the operative words….

That said Mrs Broadwell’s ambitions may hinge on the ongoing investigation courtesy of the FBI who suntimes reports is ‘stilll investigating Broadwell over classified documents found on her laptop and in her home, which investigators think she gathered while researching her biography of Petraeus in Afghanistan. Investigators say many of the documents are old and may no longer be classified despite their labels, and they say Broadwell told them she did not get them from Petraeus.’

Paula Broadwell
Paula Broadwell. Can she charm herself back into the heart of America?

One wonders if an absolution from the FBI may allow her to see her rising star status resurrected as nothing says ‘I have arrived’ more than a dash of notoriety, a thorough public apology (look out for that in the very near future) and the media in turn backing off on her and possibly turning their surly demeanor on that of Jill Kelley who many feel overstretched her bounds when she reached out to the FBI to pursue an investigation of anonymous emails, courtesy of Mrs Broadwell.

At least to her Paula Broadwell’s credit, she is an accomplished academic and scholar whilst her nemesis, Jill Kelley, a Florida socialite has been increasingly been perceived to be a social climber who opted for photos opportunities, throwing bashes for military elite and generally using her extroverted persona and saucy appearances to ‘charm’ herself up the ranks. Whatever charms actually means anymore…

Time will tell if Paula Broadwell will herself be able to charm herself back into the public consciousness as well…



  1. We need to ask the question, “How did a person like Paula Broadwell get as far up the ladder of success that she did? Why wasn’t she identified and exposed long-long
    ago? Just how many more like her are entrusted with our national secrets? Maybe we need to completely overhaul the current system that allows people like her to progress. We’re obviously not doing much in the way of background checks.”

    Paula Broadwell is a military academy graduate … a career Intelligence officer with Field Grade rank with access to our country’s highest secrets … Deputy Director of the
    Jebsen Center for Counter-Terrorism Studies at The Fletcher School of Law and
    Diplomacy at Tufts University … and has been assigned to the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force.

    A reasonable person would demand she be held to the highest standard of conduct. Indeed, her character (including her moral standards) should be utterly above reproach. She should be squeaky clean. And when a person in her position fails to uphold that standard, she should be publicly identified and utterly exposed all the way down to her core; and she should suffer the appropriate consequences.

    Paula Broadwell has demonstrated some serious character flaws. It is rather obvious now she is completely amoral. She falsified her educational credentials for personal advancement. She cheated on her husband, entering into a sexual relationship with a man old enough to be her father … a relationship she wanted to continue, and only ended when she got emotionally careless with the cover up. She somehow obtained classified documents and stored the data from them on her personal home computer; which in and of itself was absolutely inexcusable for a trained Intelligence officer who d— well knows the rules for handling such material.

    Is she simply an over-achiever who failed? Am I the only one who sees irony in that?

    Her brand of conduct is to be expected of professional politicians. So we inherently look to persons in her career field to demonstrate at least a modicum of integrity and morality. If they do not live up to the motto “Duty, honor, country” … who will? For our own sake, we need to know the answer to that question.

  2. Looking at the photos of Scott and Paula Broadwell together, walking arm in arm, you really have to wonder … What is going through his mind right now?

    IF ….. repeat, IF ….. theirs was a normal – traditional – healthy marriage to begin with …

    You can bet that he just can’t forget that his wife was caught in an affair whereby she was having sex with a man old enough to be their father, and that SHE DID NOT WANT IT TO END! It was her own jealousy of another woman that caused the whistle to be blown. SHE HAD EVERY INTENTION AND DESIRE TO KEEP IT GOING INDEFINITELY!

    You can bet that he just can’t forget that he played the part of single parent, working and taking care of the kids, while his wife was half a world away having the time of her life banging a Four-Star General.

    You can bet that what he feels for her right now may not be hate … but it’s pretty close.
    You can bet he curses the day he met her.
    You can bet he has never felt so insulted – so humiliated – and so betrayed in his life.
    You can bet he wishes she were dead. He might even wish he were dead.
    You can bet he’s thought about killing her himself. Being a doctor, he knows how.
    You can bet he regrets having had children with her.
    You can bet he’s wondering if she is teaching his children to be as amoral as she is.
    You can bet that any sexual attraction and affection he ever had for her is long-long gone.
    You can bet it will be a cold-cold day before he shares his bed, or any moment of intimacy, with her again.
    You can bet that whether the marriage is technically ended in court, the fact is their relationship is over … done … kaput.

    You can bet he knows that if he doesn’t divorce her, he will forever be looked upon as a wimp and known as being less than a man.

    You can bet he realizes the biggest mistake he ever made in his life was to marry her … and that it was a mistake he can do something about.

    And you can also bet that both of them know they will not see a minute’s peace until they finally come out and publicly pay their pound of flesh. Indeed, she will be taking the easy way out if she voluntarily throws herself under the bus. And if Scott
    Broadwell doesn’t divorce her, he will spend the rest of his life feeling like the frog in the AFLAC commercials.

  3. Dear Scallywag: Get your fact straight before you go spouting off the compliments like “accomplished scholar”. People who have multiple graduate degrees and are serious academicians involved in rigorous research in challenging fields of study are accomplished scholars. Do you know how easy it is for someone with in the military with a clean record and decent grades to get into a Master’s program at Harvard? Look into it. There are many, many military officers running around with M.A.s in public policy or management or administration from Harvard and they are far from brilliant scholars.

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