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Never mind, Lindsay Lohan and Dina now kiss and make up.

Crazy one and crazy two kiss and make up.
Crazy one and crazy two kiss and make up. Photos via inf.

Lindsay Lohan to get restraining order against Michael Lohan who now seeks conservatorship.

Lindsay Lohan’s mama Dina Lohan would like remind Michael Lohan he disgusts her.

Lindsay Lohan has her dad Michael escorted by police for trespassing.

Lindsay Lohan’s momma Dina reckons Lilo needs protection order against her dad Michael.

Really? Lindsay Lohan’s dad Michael Lohan reckons her friends are the reason why she’s falling apart.

Lindsay Lohan’s mom, Dina in debt to the tune of $1.3 million despite raking percentage of Lindsay’s salary.

Lindsay Lohan’s dad Michael reckons Dina is screwing with her head.

Lindsay Lohan now insists that mother Dina is not a cokehead.

Lindsay Lohan and Dina get into a fight after Dina refuses to give back Lindsay back $40 000 she gave her.

It was just your regular family brawl.

Now that the coco pops has worn off it seems that Dina and Lindsay Lohan are now back to being best dysfunctional buddies as photos released show the two now hugging each other for dear life. It might all be a public show of ‘bad shit’ doesn’t exist between us but one has to wonder when the day will come when these two inadvertently push each other off some metaphorical cliff.

Of course it wasn’t all hugs and kisses last night as crazy one and crazy two got at it with crazy one demanding that crazy 2 give her back all that cash that she recently gave her which led to crazy 2 slurring the coco pops out of her nostrils and onto crazy 1’s bracelet which suffered irreparable damage. Horrified that crazy 2 was acting more crazy than crazy one, crazy one then called crazy 3, which would be Michael Lohan, complaining that crazy 2 was on the good shit and was being a kill joy, which led to crazy 3 then calling the cops on crazy 2 whilst crazy one looked out into the vortex wondering where the video camera supposed to be recording all this crazy shit was (thank the lord though all this shit was audio recorded for your listening displeasure below).

Isn’t it time you all hugged all them crazies in your family tonight now that you too have had your daily fisty cuffs?

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