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Really? Lindsay Lohan’s dad Michael Lohan reckons her friends are the reason why she’s falling apart.

Michael Lohan knows best...


Michael Lohan knows best...

Lindsay Lohan to get restraining order against Michael Lohan who now seeks conservatorship.

Lindsay Lohan’s mama Dina Lohan would like remind Michael Lohan he disgusts her.

Lindsay Lohan has her dad Michael escorted by police for trespassing.

Lindsay Lohan’s momma Dina reckons Lilo needs protection order against her dad Michael.

Lindsay Lohan‘s daddy, Michael Lohan has come out with guns blazing this morning telling page 6 the reason his little baby’s life is falling apart is because of the type of parents friends she keeps.

Particularly Milo is not too pleased with Lilo’s friends here in NYC cause them bixches are simply a bad influence on her and he’s resolute that he’s going to change all that bad shit and get Lilo back on moral high ground where she never was under his doting fatherhood.

“I am very upset with the crowd around Lindsay,” he told Page Six in an e-mail, targeting one pal in particular. He also warned Lindsay’s pals, “My advice to ALL the negative influences in Lindsay and my other children’s lives is, this time, you have crossed the line and bitten off a lot more than you can chew! My family will not be subject to your misguided morals and ways!” 

Kids, can someone please send Milo a shiny mirror so he can hold up to his face and say all that shit again but in extra slow motion?

Lilo for the time being has ordained that she is through with daddy after he sold their phone conversation to media outlet tmz last week after Lilo and momma Dina Lohan went bat shit crazy at each other forcing Lilo to seek sanctuary in the armpits of daddy.

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