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Lindsay Lohan’s mom, Dina in debt to the tune of $1.3 million despite raking percentage of Lindsay’s salary.

Dina Lohan is going through a messy time right now thank you very much!


Dina Lohan is going through a messy time right now thank you very much!

Lindsay Lohan’s momma Dina reckons Lilo needs protection order against her dad Michael.

Really? Lindsay Lohan’s dad Michael Lohan reckons her friends are the reason why she’s falling apart.

Lindsay Lohan’s dad Michael reckons Dina is screwing with her head.

Lindsay Lohan now insists that mother Dina is not a cokehead.

Never mind, Lindsay Lohan and Dina now kiss and make up.

Lindsay Lohan and Dina get into a fight after Dina refuses to give back Lindsay back $40 000 she gave her.

Dina Lohan if given a second chance would never have gone partying with Lindsay.

So where did all the money go…?

Looks like things are really out of control over there at the Lohan compound as the nypost this morning has unearthed records that show that Dina Lohan, Lindsay Lohan‘s mom is now in arrears to the tune of $1.3 million which might go a long way in explaining the fisty cuffs the two had earlier this week when Lindsay insisted that Dina repay her $40 000 that she recently gave her.

The financial mess comes despite Dina Lohan banking between 10-15% of her daughter’s salary from 2000-2005 when Lilo at one point was raking in millions of dollars before falling off the bandwagon and seeing her earnings substantially dropping, which might hint at Dina Lohan outspending more than what she had envisaged her daughter making over subsequent years.

nypost: Deadbeat Dina’s debt includes a $914,000 mortgage with JPMorgan Chase bank for her $1.1 million Long Island home, now teetering on foreclosure, a $302,000 lien owed to a former business partner who loaned her the dough to kick-start Lindsay’s singing career, and $16,138 to a lawyer who repped Dina in her family court sagas with ex-husband Michael, court records show.

Savory stuff, but then again who can blame Dina for keeping up appearances and insisting on her chateau out in Long Island?

But there’s more too. Get your calculators out kids…

The limelight-loving mom of four also was slapped this year with judgments that include $5,046.20 to a Long Island landscaper for yard work he did in the summer of 2007 and $2,236.26 in favor of a Woodbury dentist for fillings for Lindsay’s siblings Ali and Cody in 2008.

In June, the state hit Dina with a $1,567 tax lien, records show.

She also has a $27,100 judgment from a BMW dealer who went after both Dina and Michael Lohan after they defaulted on the $1,030 lease payments on a 2008 BMW X5, records show.

Kids maybe Dina might want to think about getting a new job? Or at the very least calling the high falutin lifestyle off for a moment while she gets her head finances in order? But what do I know, I’m still struggling on Chinese takeouts down the street, but at least them bixches are kind enough to throw me an extra fortune cookie here and there…

That said at least there is one ray of shining light to the above drama:

A bank official stopped at the home Wednesday to serve Dina with papers but left when he was bombarded by reporters.

Never mind, isn’t it time you all pitched in and helped stop Dina’s ass rotting in financial hell or making an abrupt visit to the Bowery homeless mission? Call the number below now: