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Hungry homeless man gets 2 months jjail for trying to eat a pelican.

Sergio Alavarez.
Sergio Alavarez.

Sergio Alvarez was just trying to put some food in his belly…

A homeless and hungry man from Malibu has been sentenced to two months jail for killing a pelican that he intended to eat. The incident followed after the man failed numerous attempts to catch fish.

The bird that he strangled happened to be on the protected list which procured the charge of misdemeanor to animal cruelty.

According to statistics, Los Angeles County has a homeless population of more than 50 000 but only 12 000 shelter beds leaving many to fend for themselves. That though doesn’t necessarily discount food pantries that exist for those who need it. Of course one wonders whether state budgeting demands has led to a curtailing of such amenities.

Nevertheless there is something quite discomforting about a man having to resort to trying to kill a pelican in order to feed himself in a society that values such birds but so often fails to accommodate for its members. At least he will get three square meals in jail….

And then there was this comment by a reader that caught my eye:

So killing an animal for food is a misdemeanor animal cruelty charge…
….but killing an animal for food is a multi-billion dollar business/way of life?




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