Home Fashion DL 1961 Spring Summer 2013: The Effortlessly Chic New Yorker

DL 1961 Spring Summer 2013: The Effortlessly Chic New Yorker

DL 1961 Spring Summer 2013
Photography by Ken ArcaraDL 1961 Spring Summer 2013

The lights dim and music echoes in the breezy space at Pier 57— where DL 1961 is about to start the runway show for their Spring/Summer 2013 denim line. Just minutes before show time, Broadway superstar Kristin Chenoweth walks in and sits in the front row bench, causing just enough shutterbug stir before the models make their entrance.

The show begins with several female dancers showcasing the jean’s 4-way stretch ability with a lot of twists, turns, and kicks in their movement. After they depart, the music picks-up and the models begin walking to the beat down the runway. It starts off with more typical skinny, denim styles and evolves into more intricately designed jeans as the show continues. We start to see bold red, coral, and pastel colors, as well as some prints that resembled tropical, Polynesian designs.

The focus was really on the denim—with the female models wearing simple, white chiffon blouses and the male models in simple t-shirts and button-ups. A few denim jackets and vests were thrown into the mix as well. They ended the show with a series of jeans that were intricately beaded and embroidered, for a much more elegant and eveningwear-feel. There was a great mix of styles and shades seen throughout the collection and they really conveyed the message of a hip, New Yorker in their work.

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