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Patriot’s Bob Kraft attempts to coach his bikini girlfriend how to be a bimbo.

Bob Kraft and his custom made hawt bixch
Bob Kraft and his custom made hawt bixch Ricki Noel Lander

Bob is an exec in his wet dreams…

Kids, I’ll be the first to tell you I don’t watch gridiron and I’d be the first one to confuse a football for an elongated sack of potatoes, or for that matter a football coach or even better a football owner. That said, one doesn’t need much rocket science to make head or tails out of the following misadventure starring some rich old dude who happens to own the New England Patriots (see I knew that much) owner and his hawt bixch bikini slinky wearing wanna be girlfriend, or actual girlfriend or protege or whatever. Just buy her a drink already Bob!

All you need to do is watch the tape as occasional vixen Ricki Noel Lander introduces herself to the make believe casting director, (Bob of course) as she auditions for some make believe intern character called ‘Mary Elena.’ Obviously it’s really all a front for something much deeper with far reaching social implications involving the temerity of rich old men to buy youthful souls in itsy bitsy bikinis and of course protecting their honor, and then maybe something to do with us younger males being as jealous as fuck.

Just press play and see what you have going on for you when you make it as a rich old white man.

(ps- don’t be too embarrassed by the long lingering bikini shots, cause Ricki wasn’t)

(pps- the chemistry between these two bixches will help you understand why 70 year old plus men can still score slinky sexy babes like Ricki)

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