Home Scandal and Gossip Oh my! Look at Kendall Jenner play with Mason in her bikini!

Oh my! Look at Kendall Jenner play with Mason in her bikini!

Kendall would like to show us how to 'play' ball
Oh look! Kendall would like to show us how to 'play' ball

Adventures of a burgeioning media whore….

At only 16 years old Kendall Jenner, daughter of Kris Jenner and afterthought to the Kardashian empire is fast becoming a mainstay in the tabloid circuit. After her recent adventure of becoming a soon to be released science fiction author(yes kids, this family is that talented) Kendall has been recently snapped in her sister’s latest bikini creations. This time however keeping in the spirit of flaunting little precious to the world Kendall was yesterday snapped at Malibu beach goofing off in the beach with her ‘adorable’ nephew Mason, the son of Kourtney Kardashian and rolls royce driving Scott Disick.

That said, it might delight you to gloat over some of the pictures of one of America’s idyllic families living the type of family life most of you could only wet dream about….

Oh my! Kendall and Kylie Jenner model new bikini line.

Oh my! Kim Kardashian teen sisters snag book deal. How did they do it?

Being a pay for play media whore takes special skill that very few can ever hope to master.
Nothing can say more than happy family than Kendall getting a chance to play with her nephew while the paparazzi 'unsuspectingly' merrily snap away in the background...
Yes Mason! Kendall was overheard to say: 'Smile for the camera boy too!'



  1. … as a matter of fact.. I think her creepy mom had her creepy face layered over poor Kendall’s face on some PR photo’s . That fame whore is vain enough to pull something like that…. just sayin’! …

  2. wow, i was looking for some inspiration in my life and i think ive finally found it with this post. thanks scally;)

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