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Walmart shopper freed after super glued to toilet seat.


A Kentucky woman was super glued to a Walmart bathroom toilet seat for an hour last week before EMS could remove her from the Monticello, Kentucky store.

Chief Ralph Miniard of the Monticello Police Department who is leading the investigation is not certain whether this incident was an accident or intentional, yet are suspicious of foul play since super glue is known to dry fast, and could not have sat for too long before the encounter and still have retained full stickiness.

Surprising this Monticello location is not the first Walmart to be hit by a super gluing toilet bandit as over a year ago a man found himself in a similar situation in a Maryland Walmart bathroom.

The nydaily newsreported on this first case:

That 48-year-old escaped the store with the toilet seat still stuck to him after a 15-minute rescue by EMS.

It was later that day removed at a local hospital.

Police in that case reported the offender could face second-degree assault charges.

That man received minor injuries to his buttocks, officers told CNN.


So WHO is going around super gluing toilets in Walmart bathrooms?

A disgruntled employee? A network of them maybe? Do they have a social networking ring?

Or are there customers sneaking glue into the bathrooms and squeezing them all over the seats before they purchase their discounted televisions/coffee makers/lawnmowers?

I’m guessing the culprit will soon be brought to light since there must be camera’s monitoring locations outside of the bathrooms.

So would an employee, one aware of the camera’s and documentation risk the chance?

Or maybe its just a bath salt eating zombie, catching prey it its web of super glue.



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  • L jones

    The only toilet a person should be sitting on is the one in your home.