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New drug ‘cloud nine’ said to behind zombie attacks.

Bath salts
Bath salts
Bath salts
Bath salts

Zombie Max is finally released to protect you from zombie attacks.

It’s fast earning the moniker of becoming America’s new lethal drug, but Cloud nine (a hybrid of over the counter bath salts that works like ecstasy) is being cautioned as the culprit behind the latest string of cannibalistic attacks on its victims.

Since the memorial weekend attack which saw one man, Ronald Poppo have his face literally chewed off (courtesy of a wildly delusional Rudy Eugene whom police had to shoot down) there have been 4 separate attacks involving attempts to eat away at other men.

The drug is said to give users extreme heart palpitations, nausea, hallucinations, paranoia and leads to erratic behavior. Of course what isn’t understood at present is the spate of cannibalistic attacks that the drug has elicited upon its users. Coincidental, copy cat syndrome or just random chance that the four most recent known attackers have been documented to attempt cannibalistic behavior on their victims?

What though is interesting is that the men who have been arrested (see chart below) on the substance have been random homeless man, which raises the question is this a new drug that is making its way in discarded communities (which suggests it may not be price prohibitive) or is the drug also being consumed in other sectors of society?

Welcome to shooting up bathing salts. ‘Woman who shot up bathing salts loses her arm, shoulder and breasts.’

Bath Salts Are America’s Newest Drug of Choice.

via dailymail.co.uk
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  • jah bro

    arnt we getting these drugs from like afganistan or somthing, so new form of terrism

  • Daledo23

    two words goverment coverup

  • Rich

    Good old Amercia……