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Groom caught having sex with waitress at wedding reception by father in law.


How long did one new couple’s marriage last? Not very long at all it seems…

Here comes a tender story of love, commitment, lust and drunken revelry. It all transpired when a couple got married in the town of Feldkirch, Austria and the groom overwhelmed with the occasion proceeded to get blind drunk. That may or may not have given him courage to then do the following.

At some point during the reception, the groom had his eye on one of the servers whom he arranged to meet in the kitchen for a secret tryst. It may have just been that, a secret, except that is when the father in law, feeling a touch hungry entered the kitchen for a post midnight snack to find his new son in law banging one of the servers from the reception.

According to Vorarlberg Online the groom simply wanted one more taste of the good shit before a lifetime of commitment (you think?). For his part daddy in law returned to the reception hall, stopped the music and sent everyone home without telling anyone why.

When sunrise arrived, the bride it is said went to the wedding registry (are you surprised?) and demanded a divorce, but was refused. Unfortunately for her, she was required by Austrian law to stay married to her husband for 6 months before legally allowed to attain a divorce.

The law also stipulates that the party in the wrong also pay alimony. Which probably wasn’t a bad thing after all. After the requisite 6 months, the couple finally attained a divorce and the groom has now gone on to happily marry the waitress.

Let’s hope the groom didn’t cheat on his new wife on their wedding night….

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