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America is going to hell in a handbasket. Man jailed for not paying for a soda. Faces 5 years.

Mark Abaire
Mark Abaire

A man accused of not paying one $1 for a cup of soda now potentially stands a chance of spending 5 years behind bars for his discretion.

The incident happened after Mark Abaire asked the restaurant manager of one Naples, Florida McDonald’s store for a cup to fill it with water. Instead Mr Abaire filled the cup with soda from the soda fountain, which initiated the restaurant manager to demand that Mr Abaire come clean with a dollar for the soda in which it is said Mr Abaire declined to pay the amount asked for(out of some skewed principle or simply because he didn’t have it or perhaps he felt it was the store’s civic duty to treat him to flavored water?).

Chagrined the manager called the cops who then booked Mr Abaire on petty charges but were then forced to increase the charge to a felony (yep, this is the good shit that reminds you that this is Florida) because Mr Abaire had previous petty theft convictions.

For his troubles Mr Abaire might find himself either receiving a 5 year sentence or a $5000 fine.

One has to wonder for a moment if society had dealt this man with some degree of efficiency and compassion, even helped him get some education (which has got to be cheaper than 5 years jail) he might be in possession of a job that would of have allowed him to come up with a dollar for a soda as opposed to him being potentially becoming a burden and being imprisoned for the simple crime of petty theft. Either way, the trigger happy desire to incarcerate citizens should trouble a supposedly democratic conscious society no bound….unless of course it doesn’t.





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  • guest

    yeah lets just let this douche keep walking into random stores and taking whatever he wants for the 500th time. at some point he has to learn his lesson. And I’m guessing it’s not 5 years, it’s up to 5 years depending on the judge, and the dude can most probably just pay the fine and walk.

  • 6of7

    Ah, Florida. A cop wannabe stalks and kills a teenager minding his own business and claims self defense….no arrest. Another man gets caught sneaking a free soda and gets immediately arrested and may face a heavy prison sentence and fine. Guess he should have claimed self defense.

  • How about not stealing stuff, cussing the manager or not trespassing. Or maybe not getting convicted stealing stuff on other occassions. You can leave society out of it too, because I did not make this man steal stuff.

    Christ, the man has not even been convicted yet, and you are having a pre-emptive embolism.