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10 year old boy gets fuxked up after accidentally served a 4 ounce rum drink.


Olive Garden have a little surprise waiting for your child next time they order a smoothie.

This past Thursday night, dinner for one family turned out to be one of those dinner outings that the family will be probably want to forget for a while to come. The adventure happened whilst dining at a Castleton Olive Garden, Indianapolis, IN branch when the parents of ten year old, Sergio Maldonado Castrellon ordered him what they thought to be a smoothie (Wildberry Fullato). Instead what the ten year old was served included a smidgen of rum, well a lot of rum.

At the time the boy had drunk 2 ounces out of the 4 ounce cup (did he not notice or was he secretly keeping it to himself?) before the waitress must have realized something was amiss as the boy was ‘not being himself.’ Concerned she told her supervisor who then immediately informed the child’s parents that the reason their son was currently flying off the handle was because he had drunk the good shit. That’s when the boy who by now was somewhat  debilitated (he was refusing to eat his food amongst other things) was rushed to the local hospital.

The reporting officer is said to have spoken with the ten year old boy who ‘appeared to be very alert but a little shaken up.’

Oh well, maybe next time  (eight years preferably down the road) Sergio can get to finish his ‘fun’ drink in silence without servers and his parents making a big scene about him enjoying his first of probably many hangovers to come….oh dear.

update: The waitress who erroneously brought him the adult version of the beverage according to the latest media reports has since been fired.


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