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Take Your Tweets To The Toilet With Shitter.

Isn't it time you started to use shitter too?
Isn't it time you started to use shitter too?

Shitter; Social Media has never been so disposable.

Tired of outdated toilet paper? Looking to make a statement in the restroom? Would you like to put that annoying celebrity’s tweets to shame?

Enter Shitter; the company that will print the twitter feed of your choice on four rolls of toilet paper for the ridiculous reasonable cost of $35.

All you have to do is head over to www.getshitter.com and load the feed you want printed on your chic new lavatory accessory and voilà!

Whether you choose tweets from Kanye, yourself, or that annoying coworker who you just can’t stand, it is safe to say that your bathroom experience will never be the same.

Offers huffpoShitter is the brainchild of Gillespie and his friends and former colleagues Johny Mair, Ian Ha and Matthew Delprado, four Aussies who are currently scattered around New York and Australia. But more than some sort of grand statement about Internet frivolousness, Gillespie said that Shitter is designed to put “a smile on people’s faces.”

I might be smiling but I can’t feel out the paper so I’m not sure how soft these little tweets will be on your bottom, but I don’t think that really matters to those special individuals who would be so inclined to indulge in this purchase.

There you have it, another way to shit all over your friends, family, and frenemies. Oh how we are progressing as a society…

Is this where all your tweets are going?


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