Home Fashion Just in case you are interested comes the Hermes $2 million handbag.

Just in case you are interested comes the Hermes $2 million handbag.

Hermes handbag
Hermes handbag

A handbag that now costs more than whatever you thought you could put in it.

For those of you who can never get enough of conspicuous consumption Hermes have come out with their latest offering which is sure to please you. Never mind that you will be hard pressed to even get your lipstick cache to fit in there (as if handbags were supposed to be utilitarian in the first place please…).

According to the financial times, Hermes enlisted the help of jeweller and shoe maestro Pierre Hardy to come up with 4 mini bags using gold and of course a ladies favorite, diamonds.

Asked who he thought would buy the handbags Patrick Thomas, Hermes’ CEO replied: “I have no idea. But maybe they will have two bodyguards!”

Needless to say there will probably be a line out the door to get in on these cute chic items (once one diva on Park Ave gets her hand on one you better believe the other madames will be racing down the street not to be left out).

Isn’t it time you finally became a multimillionaire so you too can spend your money on silly frilly useless but totally beautiful objects too?

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