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The Kaiser would like to remind Adele she’s a little too fat for his tastes.


The Kaiser always knows better than you…

Oh dear there was a time in the Kaiser’s life when he too was a chubby little tubby, but we wont gloat about that too much (except to post this delicious little picture of him chaffing at the collar way back when). That said our Kaiser has declared that pop sensation Adele is well, how can we say this without blushing- a bit too fat for uncle Kaiser’s tastes.

dailymail.co.uk: He’s the king of the catwalk and spends his living eyeing up glamorous ladies.

But even Karl Lagerfeld’s latest comments are sure to rile Adele’s legion of admiring fans.

The designer has dubbed the singer ‘a little too fat’ during a no holds barred interview.

Oh well, what uncle Kaiser thinks is what uncle Kaiser wants. But then something happened…

But realising his comments may be controversial, the fashion guru quickly backtracked and insisted she has ‘a beautiful face and a divine voice.’

Uh-oh. Kids I smell a bixch fight the next time these two pass each other at the next runway procession on the left bank.

Never mind uncle Kaiser has a short memory, me thinks this bixch was speaking from a place very close to home. Or to be precise, a place very close to that his jelly belly of his not so long ago. Oh Karl, spare a thought for those who aren’t as beautiful as you…

If only Adele could be as beautiful as Karl.
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