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‘I’ve never felt death so near.’ Video captures emergency landing as propeller falls off mid air.


What to think or what to say, except to have your whole heart heave into your mouth as you suddenly realize that all four of you are either 2 minutes away from almost certain death or if you are lucky a lifetime’s worth of dinner time talk about the time you escaped sitting in a single engine plane that suddenly had its propeller fall off mid air.

The video taken by one of the two female passengers sitting in the back of the single engine plane flying in the state of Aguascalientes, Mexico has already gone viral since first being released last week, with over 300 000 views.

As one watches the video, one realizes at 1.10 that the propeller has fallen off and the pilot and his student (yes that is a student who was taken a class) begin to loudly think to themselves how they must quickly find a place to land the plane or else crash.

One can’t help but watch in terror as the plane swings in the air, and it’s only when the plane lands with the wheels firmly on the ground by a dirt road does one register the elation that these 4 people do. By the way I never thought I would ever say this, but this author actually cheered too when the plane landed, something I am almost certain most of us who have spent a lifetime in planes resent having to always overhear by those whose nerves get the better of them.

Comments one of the two girls who are taping the hair raising incident as it unfolds in front of them in the cockpit:

‘I’ve never felt death so near.’

Oh how tenuous life really is….

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