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Did Sarah Jessica Parker change her face?


Prosthetics or did this hawt bixch just get some plastic surgery?

Kids, I have to agree with Gawker, there’s something very very fishy about Sarah Jessica Parker’s looks. I can’t quite put my finger on it? Something about her normal horse face isn’t just adding up (I know I’m being extra mean today…but this shit comes with the territory, blah) But perhaps a quick back track….

dailymail.co.uk:  Demi Moore only pulled out the film last week after she was rushed to hospital after binging on nitrous oxide. 

But Sarah Jessica Parker has already jumped to the rescue and appeared on the set of Lovelace earlier today. 

The actress, 46, appeared almost unrecognisable in the brassy blonde wig as she takes on the role of feminist icon Gloria Steinem.

As well as the bright blonde wig, Sarah also appeared to be sporting dark contacts as she shot scenes in LA.

Ok, I can buy the wig part and one can tell Sarah is wearing dark contact lenses to approximate Gloria Steinem’s face. But something isn’t still quite adding up. Look again…

gawker: At left, SJP on the set this morning. At right, on the red carpet in February.

Did SJP get an eyelid lift? Facelift? Botox? Temporary eye tape for the role? For comparison, here’s a photo of Gloria Steinem from the ’80s. And here is an old interview in which SJP says she’d “look like a lunatic” if she had plastic surgery.

Well guess what Sarah? Today is your lucky day, cause you absolutely look like a lunatic.

Don’t you wish you were a media whore on the celebrity filler face or whatever shit passes for good looks merry go round? Never mind, you probably already are. Blah!



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