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Tamara Ecclestone would like to inform you that she will always look far better than you and of course be much richer than you too.

Money makes my bixch go round. Welcome to the precious life of Tamara
Images sourced from cruisepictures via dailymail.co.uk. 'Money makes my bixch go round.' Welcome to the precious life of Tamara Ecclestone

Tamara Ecclestone would like for you to drill your eyes out in fits of jealousy. Welcome to the privileged life of a bon vivant socialite slumming it on a man made beach somewhere in Dubai.

Kids, once again it’s that time of day where one is required to bow down ever so slowly as the Goddess of good taste, tasteful liposuction (please who’s that bixch kidding) and $140 000 bling to bling caresses us with her presence.

As one can see by the following pictures, the billionaire heiress really does know how to make her presence felt as she slums it by the shores. The shoreline a repository for all the loose diamond specks falling out of her pubes. But then again, what’s a few loose diamond sprinkles amongst friends who delight in shoving a handful or two in their morning bellini and then playfully throwing a bucket or two of gold bricks at each other’s direction as the day languidly drags on…

Ahh, if only you were as well esteemed as our heroine….yes if only…

'Hmm, I think today might be a good day to get some sun...'
'Of course that may require me dressing up informally. Nothing too opulent. After all there's this staged media whore photo shoot to get through...'
'Hmm, that sounded like another gold bar falling from under my pubes...'
'Really I must speak to daddy later this evening and get him to smash up some more diamond bricks to sprinkle under my pillow...'