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Fashion model suffers sever facial injuries and has her hand sliced off as she walks into jet propeller.

Lauren Scruggs to the right.

How will 23 year old Lauren Scruggs redefine her beauty now that she has suffered horrific wounds.

In a horrific accident, that most people dread ever happening to them, let alone witnessing, it is being reported that a 23 year old fashion model unwittingly walked into a still moving jet propeller as she was getting out of a 2 seater plane at Aero County Airport in McKinney, Texas.

Immediately rushed to hospital it is said that Ms Scrugges who also fashion blogs sustained injuries to the left side of her body, which includes her left hand severed, with head and shoulder area critically compromised (with her left eye in a particularly tenuous situation). As of press it is said that she is in stable condition as surgeons wait to see the outcomes of their efforts.

Lauren far right with the actress Chloe Sevigny in the middle.

Ultimately one has to wonder why the pilot allowed Ms Scrugges to disembark with the engine still running (it is understood he was doing a quick transfer and bringing on a new passenger) and whether FAA standards call for the complete cessation of the airplane engines before passengers alight. One senses the pilot will soon be the target of a very hefty lawsuit…or was this all the result of a self entitled passenger not heeding the advice of the pilot?

Such is the calamity of life, to be rendered beautiful and to then have it viciously taken away. Either way, it is an injury no less brutal whether a person is considered beautiful or not, as life itself could be deemed the ultimate beauty…