Home Visual Arts Clint Eastwood’s daughter stars in racy mock SWAT photo shoot.

Clint Eastwood’s daughter stars in racy mock SWAT photo shoot.


Using star power to turn Occupy Wall st themes on its head.

Los Angeles based photographer Tyler Shields has come out with a racy photo shoot starring the daughter of famed actor Clint Eastwood, 18 year old Francesca Eastwood and fellow model Alessandra Torressani.

The photo shoot in homage to the brute force used by the police department in the recent Occupy movement depicts the models brandishing clubs and pepper spray on SWAT police officers with glamorous males brandishing cameras during unfolding scenes.

In the picture series simply titles ‘Occupied,’ one of the scantily dressed models is shown spewing yellow pepper spray at the riot gear dressed officers whilst the other model forces a club against one of the sitting SWAT members.

In essence the shoot serves to playfully address the discontent and foul police practices of late. The use of glam, scandalized images and symbolic imagery rather than downplaying the recent unrest adds a kind of vicious veneer to the artist’s themes, a wicked parody of sorts to be correct. Of course what is unsettling is the knowledge that the struggle still continues and that perhaps on some level Tyler Steven has exploited a struggle for personal artistic merriment, and his own social cache or has he?


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