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Are these 6 year old toddlers a tad too dressed up? Turning 6 year old toddlers into pageant queens…and fashion accessories.


Let’s agree from the outset that these two pint sized young ladies are simply adorable. At the same token let’s also ask if there’s something a little off kilter about turning the young ladies, both 6 year olds and coincidentally the stars of TLC’s new show ‘Toddlers and Tiaras,’ into looking like 23 year old Upper East socialites looking for a drink on the house in their Saturday night best?

There to promote Nuchas, a new Mexican restaurant in Times Square, Isabella Barrett and Eden Wood strike wonderful poses in front of photographers. They could easily be confused in their repose, make-up and painted pouted lips for billboard models that dot the Times Square landscape except for the crucial factor that they’re only 6, and perhaps inappropriately prepped up for a fashion stakes shoot that could just as easily have hired models of age instead of these two young children.

Eden wears a red dress and a fur lined jacket (something you wore when you were 6 years old?), Isabella her co-star wears a fur coat and a tiara (naturally…). Of course it looks like its kids having fun, but then the question arises if this is a little too staged with the photographers and passer bys taking samples the children are passing out, and most importantly why the need to portray these children in a way that is years ahead of their time and implicitly forcing them to adapt to contemporary fashionable themes? Is this what we mean by fashion forward?


Sexy fur coats on two young children or two wannabe society ladies on the go?
Yes, you are a pretty thing!
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  • Eden Wood, that fantastic retiree from Scary Tangerine Pageants, who was recently dressed by Marc Jacobs during New York Fashion Week, has gone into the endorsement/personal appearance business. Oy. http://bit.ly/tL1U8n

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