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Does the new Calvin Klein Advertisement have the F word in it?


Looking for anything that will make us jump out of our collective chair.

Pay close attention to the photo above and ask yourself ‘has Calvin Klein once again gone out of his way to bring us a decrepit ad that we ought to be equally weary of and tantalized by?

huffingtonpost: CBS New York reports that a billboard featuring model Lara Stone arguably spells out the F-word, with the “F” being the table legs, the “U” her underwear line and the “CK,” well, that part’s obvious.

“Jean” told the local news station, “It’s subliminal messaging. I don’t think it’s healthy or good for anyone, not even just young kids.” But “Roland” admitted, “I’m not picking it up, to be quite honest.”

Well, after looking at the ad for too much time for my own liking (which is probably the desired effect courtesy of Calvin Klein’s publicists and the media department over at Huffington Post and CBS)- this is what I think- ” I don’t care!”

But of course that’s just me and for all I know, you readers out there can probably see magic serpents and morse code signals of what CK likes to eat at night and what he gets to whisper to that fine specimen called his grandson boyfriend Nick Gruber.

How much fear and loathing can you install in a pair of underwear and breaches? It depends how often CK’s publicists keeps calling the media heads doing their bidding. But that’s just me….

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