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British Cops Tweeting to the Public They’re ‘Inane’


Facing budget cuts, Cops in the English city of Manchester have recently turned to Twitter to drum up some attention. They saw, it seems, how well media whoring had worked for the celebrities and decided to scrap dealing with reporters, papers, and all those other outdated technologies…

Apparently, the force had hoped to fight for funding by using social media as a polite way of proving to the public that, considering their workload, not only are budget cuts out of the question, but there’s really quite a different problem: the vast majority of 999 calls could well be considered entirely ‘inane.’

For instance: Three callers reported a man holding a baby over a bridge, prompting officers to attend only to discover “it was man carrying a dog that doesn’t like bridges”.

One woman dialled 999 after a man shouted “you’re gorgeous” at her and another called to ask police for help in suing a benefits agency as she had no money.

While they’d meant, specifically, to demonstrate that they only spend a fraction of their time dealing with “genuine crimes,” (and that emergency calls are routinely made by cell phones rubbing Britons’ butts or accidentally by babies) the Chief Constable of the department, Peter Fahy, “insisted it was not a publicity stunt”… the first sure sign of a police officer admitting there’s a hidden spectacle to be seen.

“Nothin’ to see here, move along,” he may as well just get around to saying; isn’t this just the stereotypical police mantra often heard at your favorite fiery crash scene?

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