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Nightlife: Rich Thomas (nearly) beats the crap out of Justin Ross Lee.


The latest scoop on Justin Ross Lee is here. It just keeps getting dirtier…

The things grown men do to each other…

According to our dear friend Brittany Mendenhall of ChiChi212 a little tussle erupted last night outside of sleazebag night club venue 1OAK. And apparently there were a lot of tears flowing, a police report and in the end the shadow of Rich Thomas running for his life. Why you may ask? Well let’s all find out kids…

You see in one corner of the boxing ring you have Justin Ross Lee, a self confessed imbecile who feeds his soul on booze, sex and fame whoring himself to death. As a backdrop Justin also likes to spend his spare time embarrassing himself or anyone he considers a friend (the list of embarrassments are vast, but let’s just say he specializes in making a Jack Ass out of himself whenever he sets foot in airlines, preferred nightclubs and probably your parents house if given half a chance) and contributing to a blog. The blog in question is called Clubplanet (or is it Club Imbecile?) and recently he came up with his magic list of the top 10 most hated people in nightlife. Not the most tactful blog mind you…

Ok, now the person in the opposite side of the ring happens to be, Rich Thomas. If you don’t know (because we didn’t know either or simply care to know) Rich Thomas is the prized doorman of Avenue (for some reason I thought this honor of manhood belonged solely to Wass Stevens…oh well). But before we go on with this charming story we have to pause to let you know that coincidentally Rich Thomas made it to number one list of Justin Ross Lee’s of most hated figures in nightlife. Ok, now let’s continue with this fun story.

So there’s Rich Thomas fuming and hating life, because as you all know being a doorman is an occupation reserved only for second class citizens, something Justin has been effectively been able to point out, especially to the likes of Rich who has a particularly hard time accepting unpleasant things said of him (oh well…we’ll wipe away the tears together kids…)

That said, feeling slighted, possibly humiliated Rich decides to leave his post as bottle boy (oops door boy) at Avenue and head round the corner to 1OAK where he knew he would run into his favorite blogger – Justin Ross Lee. Scrumptious right kids? Well maybe not…

As quoted from Justin Ross Lee (from his very own blog just hours ago ) who happens to report on the baffling scuffle that ensued:

In disbelief that he left his doorman post at Avenue, we watch as Rich circles around me. He approaches and I ask him how his newfound fame of making my “Most Hated List” is treating him. We discuss a few other topics including how the dancing is going at Avenue (New York Magazine responded to my article exposing that the club operates without a cabaret license). Rich smiles warmly and says, “You’re fucking with the wrong people. I am going to fucking kill you.” It’s then that I reply, “Rich, look down, I’m filming our conversation.” Rich spots my Flip Video Camera, winds up (what seemed like) all of his strength, punches me in the stomach and grabs the HD camera out of my hand. After recovering from having the wind knocked out of me, I look up to see Rich (with my camera) racing for the door, fleeing the scene and 1Oak security.

Wow, good thing that Justin was filming this because we sense a movie deal out of Hollywood. A three part horror thriller if you catch our drift…

Continues the report:

NYPD shows up in front of the venue in search of Rich Thomas. According to Officer Edgar of the 10th precinct, they have a material witness, security camera footage, my testimony, and the word of 1Oak’s security team. “This is more than enough for him [Rich] to be arrested on felony charges,” Officer Edgar remarked. In New York State when you strike someone using force and then steal something, it’s not classified as Misdemeanor Grand Larceny, but as a Felony Robbery in addition to Assault.

Like Justin we are all anxiously waiting to see when and whether Rich gets arrested. That said we have a funny feeling that Justin Lee Ross just made his own list of most hated night life figures too. What do you think?

Just a word of friendly advice Justin, being tactful even if it (nearly) kills you sometimes goes a long way…





  1. I would personally love to see Rich actually kick that douchebag’s ass. It’s these Justin Ross and Fabian Basabe types that bring nightlife down.

  2. he was number 3 on he’s own list so he made it ,it’s just rich just beat himself to number one.

  3. did this not happen in 10ak and not outside ? not that it makes much difference but it does make a little i guess .

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