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Wass Stevens reveals what’s wrong with rich old men and the broads who use them.

politeThe world according to a celebrity doorman.

There used to be a time in society where it was just the doorman’s place to be polite, smile, open doors and gently shut them. Not true when it comes to Wass Stevens the life career doorman of such over rated venues as Marquee and Avenue. Wass seen here in the video below (which we desperately urge you to watch so you can finally understand why he’s supposed acting career is never going anywhere) likes to tell us why at the end of the day women are users, weak and conniving and men hapless dick brains. If you don’t mind listening to chauvinistic, macho nonsense the world according to Wass can be an amusing rant.
But really Wass let’s be honest- it’s not the women that want rich old men’s money- it’s just plain you.

Listen and have fun but just don’t take him too seriously, by the way notice how he shuffles with that empty clip board of his- this is sheer brilliance. WASS you better work hard for the money…

  • Jungle juice.

    Funny how this loudmouth is even given the time of day, if he were a doorman in the Bronx no one would give a shit about his world dating philosophy, but anyway I suspect this geezer is going to end up (if he hasn’t already) becoming like the clientele he despises.

  • pablo

    funny. because even if your young and rich or old and rich no matter the circumstance everyone knows if you’re a man you’re not getting past this doorman without at least 2 blonde bimbos….

  • Scarface.

    Wass Stevens- a feminist’s wet dream fuck!

  • Fabio

    If this guy is NOT acting, sounds to me like like a guy who can’t score with beautiful women, even in his position. Not surprised.

    Rich guys that buy women know full well they’re buying them and those are the guys that have the wallets that pay this idiot’s salary. If I were him I’d keep a lid on it.

  • E

    Oh – Wass is a character – a good one, actually – He’s not at all like that.
    He’s actually respectful and polite to women and to men who are the same to him. I’ve known him since I was a young teenager. I’ve seen him in plenty of situations where he could have tried to be disrespectful to me or to lots of others – and frankly, I’ve never seen him out of line. Not once. He’s got a brash sense of humor and a steel set of balls, as they say, but I truly he’s not a bad guy at all – He’s certainly not the guy that he’s portraying.
    He’s playing a character, quite obviously – Or perhaps – if you don’t know him – And stumbled upon this , you might think that this was real. Well, then – His acting’s a bit better than you might have realized. Again – He’s playing a character – and his own is of a different sort. Really, I get your knee jerk response to what appears to be his jerkiness – But, for lack of a better term, He’s just jerkin’ with you. 🙂
    Love, E

  • Cyrano

    this guy is a moron- actor? Hell be standing in front of a door tiil hes guarding a retirement home. Have a nice winter, you fool. Rich guys don’t care what the girls want. Theyre not getting played, they’re paying for it, and they don’t care. This guy has neither the brains nor the money.