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Who is the 16 yr old Lauren Amanda sitting on Justin Ross Lee’s lap?

'We're stars aren't we Justin?'
Images courtesy of undisclosed source. Justin Ross Lee and Lauren Amanda.

The secret little emails we find in our “in box…

It could well be that Justin Ross Lee escaped with his life last week after a fist aimed at his head courtesy of Avenue’s Rich Thomas did little physical (never mind the psychological) damage. That said we’re not quite sure how this week is going to turn out for the self proclaimed ‘Jew Jetter.’

Why you ask? Well, we’ll let you be the judge of that, courtesy of these leaked photos.

To put things in perspective the girl with the blond mane is Lauren Amanda, a senior at high school who barely just turned 18. The pictures of course were taken when she was 16 which if you do the math don’t exactly square things up…if you catch our drift.

To be sure, we’re not actually saying anything ‘untoward’ actually happened between these two, but we do have to wonder why Justin keeps smirking in all these pictures and why the 16 year old Amanda Lauren (sources disclose that she was 16 when these pictures were taken…) happens to be in his company?

In any event we thought it would be nice to share these pictures with you just in case you were wondering what Justin Ross Lee likes to do in his spare time…

Oh dear, how nice it would be to let 16 year old girls be just that..?

Nightlife: Rich Thomas (nearly) beats the crap out of Justin Ross Lee.

Justin are you going to 'tuck' me into bed now?
Justin, have I told you - 'You send goose bumps up my spine...'
"Justin, I like it when you wrap your arm around my waist like that..."
'We're stars aren't we Justin?'


  1. leave the guy alone………he needs to tap that poo-naa-nee-naa-nee before it grows teeth….

  2. wow, i always thought that girl was like 24, 25.

    shes pretty now but i feel that aging will not treat her well.

  3. do you have nothing better to say than correct my spelling? I don’t know Justin, I am just stating the fact that you have no story. You like to gossip but have no valid information just like the make up bullshit.
    And next time try to answer the question rather than rewriting it and telling me what I spelled wrong.

  4. this is just sad- I just wanted to point out you mispelled the word do for due. – article due for you besides make you look like an asshole who doesn’t know anything?

    Just curious, which one are you Justin’s mother, brother, father or lawyer?

  5. What is this world coming to? There is absolutely nothing wrong with any of this. you are just looking for something where there is NOTHING! Scallywag you really need to get a life, start finding topics which are more interesting to read. Your website is going down the tubes and so are you. GET A LIFE!!!
    Stop trying to lower people just to make yourself feel better! What exactly did this article due for you besides make you look like an asshole who doesn’t know anything?

  6. Interesting, first I had Lauren’s mother get involved in the fist fight, Justin Ross Lee’s mother, his dead cat and now Lauren’s sister. If you have any pictures of you being straddled by Justin feel free to send those over, but we would prefer you were 16 years old when those pictures were taken. Thank you very much.

  7. Scallywag, woowww…..

    For someone that acts as if they’re “unfortunate” to receive these pictures, you sure seem to care a lot about the issue.

    But what you’re doing is just pathetic. Like in most fields where politics plays an unfortunate major role, this is also a time where it’s evident and you are getting involved in it. Why? You’re just wasting your time and you’re wasting our time. Why do you care so much for the law all of a sudden anyway? I never understood people like you. The second you find an opportunity (and in this case, not a very good one) to talk shit you jump right at it. The girl is not a minor, but you’re acting like she is and still taking shots at her anyway! You post average pictures and post crule subtitles under them, wow man. If she’s 16 here, does this mean you are encouraging illegal sexual activities just to raise your credentials? People can hang out, they don’t have to be the same age, this is you making a big deal out of nothing (what gossipers of this profession do very oten).

    AND YOU’RE BRINGING HER MOM INTO THIS by constantly dishing low blows. That’s just pathetic. If you feel proud or satisfied with yourself for posting shit like this then you have a long way to go.

    I agree with Melissa and you should, too. This is not your best. Admit defeat.

  8. It may or may not be Justin Douche Lee’s Momma but come on, do you really care about underage drinking? Clubbing at 17? Oh no! Admit defeat, this article is a waste. JRL wants to be disliked, that means he will do things, significant things that you can write about, shit he’s done them just find out and report but don’t use a lazy excuse, “I found this in my inbox…” That’s like fucking an ugly person because they’re willing, of course they’re willing, they’re ugly!! But I won’t do it because it’s available, I’m certain a pretty person wants to fuck also.


    if that is you or your mom sticking up for you, stop! If you don’t then you are a bigger douche than expected, sticking up for yourself is impressive, doing it under an alias is pathetic. Cheers ladies

  9. Honestly, I’m sad that I’m part of the same tribe as him. Brooklyn (as a whole) agrees with me.

  10. By the way, I have no clue who those pips are, but it sure as hell looks like …. well you know what I mean! Unless 16y olds got really bright all of a sudden and could discuss something like a health bill, otherwise I don’t really see the interest a man like him would hang with a girl like that without any friends around!

  11. From the looks of it and the attention it’s getting the article must be close to political drama! You should all be ashamed for the fact that you are scolding the reporter. If you wish to be useful go comment on the health bill – if you’re so above this little piece. As far as I’m concerned Scallywag is doing exactly what it’s suppose to, exposing the vermin. And put your pants on, damn it!

  12. as i mentioned before not related to justin or lauren ,but i think the story is weak no need to take personel just want more interesting stories and from the other comments im not alone.

  13. ok so she’s 18 yrs old….what’s the story again ?

    that she and 10’s of thousands of under 21 yrs go too clubs/bars ….

    Honestly there’s no story in that and when u connect to justin like he’s doing something wrong but dont have anything to say about what that is and the post it all over facebook – you are the story,

    if you can say its a big deal then it must be right ? or maybe people just see it as a weak attempt to create something out of thin air….

    i think the only thing that can happen here is that clubs have under 21 yrs in there licenced space and that they get issues here …you wanna regulate that ….clubs really need you…NOT

  14. I’m now the story…? No, unfortunately, I am just the unfortunate sap who received the above unsolicited images (apparently the world has suddenly worked out that I’m the whore for unsolicited duplicitous mail).

    That said, who now joins this story is Justin Ross Lee and his sexually intriguing ways.

    Let’s once again for the benefit of all our collective facebook friends re examine the issues:

    The hot little photogenic mess that goes by Lauren Amanda is seen and pictured in numerous night club venues. This may mean nothing to you, but it does mean a lot to the people who regulate liquor licenses. From what I understand of the law, individuals younger than 18 should never be found gaining admittance to such places, but since she was with Justin I am sure the liquor board or who ever it is that controls things like this will smile and overlook the matter. Right?

    By the way, no one has yet answered the question, why is Justin hanging out with a girl, whose age was younger than 18 when the above pix were taken in very adult theme settings? Is he her god father? I don’t recall Lauren’s mom telling me that.

    and p.s. Lauren, if your ‘mom’ is still interested in serving me with a suit tell her it’s a rainy day today and i’ll be anxiously waiting for that phone call with a carefully brewed cup of tea and one of those books one curls up to on rainy days…


    You are now the story …..there seems to be no story in regards to justin and lauren…i can only think that your being paid to try and make a story,or out of loyalty to your friend/s that justin put in a list ,or a personnel dislike,or your stalking justin or her ….or i guess none of the above and i hope it’s that and your just got no new ideas to fix this story.

    We all get it Scallywag use the words (16) (17) when the facts are shes 18 or older by your accounts and others ….and say there’s a story.

    The only thing you said correct is justin is a rogue,but i think he’s proud of being a rebel….and will say worse things about others and himself .

    move on before the people who love your blog move on without you….just sayin

  16. Can we please go back to talking about why Justin Ross Lee is a rogue?

    P.s When is Lauren’s mother going to sue me? I’m starting to get tired of Lauren being this hot mess and no one caring. DO you realize if this happened to Lindsay Lohan when she was 16 she would have became the Queen of America.

  17. I just want to know why I keep getting Scallywag articles posted to my Facebook wall by the editor. I really don’t need a direct solicitation to view the website. Seems like you’re posting it on all the ‘high-profile’ walls as well. I mean… come on, we all want traffic to our websites. But, you should check if the users are fans of Scallywag first.

  18. I’ve decided in my next life I am going to come back as a 17 year old girl so Justin can drool all over me.

    On a side note I’m still waiting for Lauren’ s mother to come and sue me…

  19. JRL is a tool, I get and I agree… The girl is youngish but definitely cuteish also… The article is obnoxious, I’m certain you could find something a bit more substantial to write about this mouth breather but to go posting this article all over FB and stalking people for comments in order to make it into something, WTF??

  20. JRL is a tool, the girl is young and this article is a waste of time… I don’t know why people are posting it on FB pages, not remotely entertaining…

  21. Scallywag. This is the type of reporting I’d expect from Gawker (minus the spelling mistakes).

    Low brow, bad taste and highly inflammatory.

    You’re like a B grade wanna be version of Gawker. Thanks for ruining my day!

  22. scallywag – whats the story here ? that this girl goes out and she was 16 yrs 2 years ago ? at least if your going to fix a story on someone have a story …or that justin and others meet and hang with people who are under 21 yrs old….i started going out at 16 yrs old and i’m proud of it – had some great time and im sure many others did.

    im not a friend or even know who the girl in question is – its just the type of work you expect from fixed(fox) news and billo .

    love to hear some real stuff in the future – and let’s try to drop these stories from you and others …not just blaming you.

  23. Hmmm…Come to think of it – it was Lauren’s mom who called me. But really Mrs Amanda, how did you come across my number?

    Anyway, what are we to do about your daughter hanging out in venues that legally she should not allowed to be congregating at? I advise a thorough spanking, or at least 6 weeks worth of the silent treatment. But then again she’s your daughter…

    By the way, excuse the poor syntax and sentence structure, I am afraid I was getting way ahead of myself when I found this in my email box. Next time I’ll just let the pictures do all the talking.


    Guess what? There are new pictures in my email box. Wow!

    I wonder who keeps sending them to me? Should I publish those or wait for the lawsuit first?

  24. oh-oh!! her mom will be pissssssssssssed when she finds out lauren can no longer get into clubs because you outed her real age!!

    oooh and did any one else hurt their eyes reading this poorly constructed article?
    if i were lauren amanda, i’d take this as a preview of what happens when you DONT finish high school…

  25. Some facts for the peanut gallery..

    WITHIN 17 minutes of publishing this article I GOT a phone call from a woman whom I had never spoken to before (how she got my number is an amusing mystery…) who scolded me and insisted that I take down the article immediately.

    I politely listened as she disclosed that Lauren is a very young girl who is engaged to be married. I offered my congratulations but she was rather not impressed. Once again she insisted i take down the article or risk being sued.

    I nonchalantly replied that I looked forward to the suit as I am only raising questions not suggesting that something untoward actually happened as I do not have any direct proof of anything illegal happening. Although that said, I am curious as to why a minor is in the company of an older man- (Justin) while he is drinking? After all isn’t it illegal for minors to be in venues where they serve alcohol?

    In any event I look forward to the lawsuit if it should come, after all – as press I trust I am still allowed to ask questions as to what passes for proper conduct.

    As for Jusitn you are a lovable rogue, that said I am not so sure how lovable you really are these days…oh well

  26. With rising dismay, I plowed through this poorly-constructed article, or shall I say garbage. Your undisclosed source is obviously someone who has no clue. The pictures are from facebook and are available to anyone with too much free time on their hands. Justin and Lauren don’t even look like a couple in any of the pictures, friends maybe. All I see here is lots of envy, sprinkled with some retaliation and topped with much stupidity. I’m sure many covet them, but without a doubt they are not a couple. It’s distasteful and disappointing to see how low people will stoop out of jealousy.

  27. This article is funny, because there was nothing ever going on between these two. Justin has a significant other and so does Lauren. It just seems like this was written to piss someone off. This is a joke!

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