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Diva Malik So Chic can no longer stand his co star Jules Kirby- the leaked memo.



Malik So Chic during happier days...


The mess gets deeper- for the latest on Malik’s celebrity nose dive…

Oh dear, the drama off the set of CW’s High Society continues unabated and once again it’s Jules Kirby in the middle of it all.

Please everybody wipe away those snots of grief away. Oh Malik I feel for you dear, what have they done to you?


This is what set the mess off in the first place, now reprinted in Gawker as well (we know Malik, being a media whore is a strange and hostile life, but prey keep it up…)

The horrid email from Jules Kirby  that Malik So Chic doesn’t want you bitches to see…

not like malik and i were close





Cupcake to me
show  Mar 14 (1 day ago)  


I think he is terrified and is super mad at me for sending you our convo. I don’t really care too much as we were never friends.

Malik So Chic March 14 at 12:36pm

i cant believe i feel for your manipulitive scheme to befriend me… u have fed me ALL THESE lies about paul tinsley and the whole cast and crew of High Society just to user me as a scapegoat. I cant believe i was so naive to believe that you were a victim. i am so dissapointed that i believed you and thought you were being genuine when you were only using me.. and at a moments notice you leak our conversations to scallywag? well i know now that the show is not edited and that you choose to use that language. i cant believed you pretended to be my friend and have used me in such a manner. Its really backhanded and transparent at this point.

Who the hell is Malik So Chic? The geisha girl who could.



  1. High Society? EXCUSE ME, reality check mrs. Klumps, if the cameras followed u to ur ghetto ass apartment in Harlem which u have to share btw, it would be a different show. u made them believe u had the “in” at hot parties and talked urself up. Bungalow? u failed to mention u promoted their at the tail end when no real celebrities went there any longer. You are not high society honey, you are ghetto trash and ur real life is anything but glamour. you’re fat, unattractive, and pretty much a shame to NYC nightlife. btw, fix that fucking grill, looks like rotten baby corn.

  2. right on tiana! such a shame. he came here 4 or 5 years ago and is trying to take over. it will NEVER happen. PAY YOUR DUES FIRST FAT BOY. I MEAN CUPCAKE MAFFIA. lmao

  3. Malik, for christ sakes, get over it and stop playing the victim, it’s transparent it’s just a plea for more attention. You are desperate for ANY kind of attention in the media, you obviously knew what kind of trashy show you signed up for. Um, HELLO, YOU ARE NOT A SOCIALITE. PERIOD.!!! You are a club promoter, not hired because of your glamour or presence, but because you get a few people to a party. You are BEGGING people non-stop to have them follow your twitter. WHY?? You are not a celebrity, but you want to be one so badly, you’ve even set your bar so high that you want to be the next Snookie? Really now sweetie, you put yourself out there, so thicken up that ashy skin and deal with it. 90% of what is written about Snookie is negative or back-handed compliments, so get used to it. As for you trying to start a feud with Andre Leon Talley…Hello, he has been at Vogue for decades, he is an author and respected in the fashion world. ..And what have you done again? You claim you need a P.R. person and manager. For what exactly. You are so pathetic, you are BEGGING people daily to look at the same write-up of you on guestofaguest, and to follow you on twitter. No one wants to know what your fat stomach and chunky body wears to sleep at night. If you claim you need to go to Bellevue because you can’t handle the shit being talked about you, then stop begging for attention and press. It comes with the territory of being a Z-list extra on a horrible show. You are choosing to put yourself out there, so man up bitch.

  4. This fat kittie is just scared. I would be too given the backlash on Jules in the media. He is who would be the bad friend.

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