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The inside email exchanges that CW’s ‘High Society’ doesn’t want you to see. Jules Kirby and Malik so Chic confidential.

Tinsley Bitch Mortimer.

New update- The demise of ‘High Society.’

For fascinating images of Jules Kirby’s latest fashion shoot go here.

We’ve been telling everyone all along that CW”s production of ‘High Society’ is in fact a big sham, starring Michael Aho, Tinsley Mortimer and Pest of a Guest’s Rachelle Hruska. How do we know? Well because once again we have the cast emailing us unsolicited facebook messages that you were never meant to see. Oops!!

America- all these people are fake no good doers who keep spinning crap and make believe and hope that it sticks. Why? Cause it’s called new world corrupt entertainment and integrity is the last thing you need to have anymore. So without further ado here is more of the juicy crap that makes us yawn and certain people cry…

So much for reality TV and ethical journalism- blah!!!

You can of course follow the 4 bazillion comments condemning these creatures at the links below:

Former Guest of a Guest Photographer blows whistle on Cw’s ‘High Society.’

The trouble with Jules Kirby and ‘Pest of a Guest.’

Rachelle Hruska – Media whore/manipulator for Hire.

Who the hell is Malik So Chic? The geisha girl who could.

  • Peter Westwood

    The newest drama in Malik’s life is trying to figure out who he needs to blow or sleep with in order to get his own reality TV show.


  • Jess

    I can see right through that fake if you want to call it a smile.

  • finger on the pulse

    Almost have a smoking gun there Scallywag, but not quite since that insidious request from the producers was not carried out.

    Ms Mortimer, who is credited as Executive Producer mind you, exclaims she is not to be held accountable for any of the actions by this show is laughable.

    Keep digging…

  • I actually agree with you Eric, why watch the show when you can watch real time unscripted scandal unfold…?

  • Eric

    This scandal is more entertaining than any ‘reality’ show could ever hope to be.