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The hazards of being a reality star. Malik So Chic relents…


Why couldn’t them bitches love me back…?

For a moment CW’s High Society new reality star on the block (and I use that word lightly, because if ratings don’t bounce from last weeks all time introductory low- there will be no more show for Malik to be a star in….) Malik So Chic thought he had discovered nirvana. A vessel to propagate himself, a mouthpiece to blossom in and a relentless tirade of media outlets chasing him down the street because rumor had it that his underwear smelled of cherry blossom and that he was one of those lovable human beings that camera lenses were destined to make out with.

Well, thanks to the hubris that comes with reality TV, unchecked egos, squabbling cast members intent on preserving their self respect (and by extension decimating everyone else’s…) Malik’s sweet heart dream is coming undone. 

So what’s happening instead? In short Malik’s worst nightmares…

Oh well, if being a reality star, or rather media whore was that easy, we would all be doing it. 

That said have a read below and maybe you too can learn the perils of being a NY media whore- it is a very dangerous occupation indeed, something Jules Kirby and Malik So Chic can certainly attest to…

Oh dear, what’s a girl to do..?

Diva Malik So Chic can no longer stand his co star Jules Kirby- the leaked memo.

Who the hell is Malik So Chic? The geisha girl who could.

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