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The trouble with Jules Kirby and ‘Pest of a Guest.’

Jules Kirby. Society villain or cyber punching bag?

Article released- Former Guest of a Guest Photographer blows whistle on Cw’s ‘High Society.’ The hot mess gets bigger and messier…

Also Society reacts to Rachelle Hruska, Editor in Chief of Guest of a Guest who has led a crusade against Jules Kirby and has been complicit in not disclosing her ties to the producers of CW’s – High Society…

Rachelle Hruska – Media whore/manipulator for Hire.

For latest images of Jules Kirby’s fascinating fashion shoot (April 18) go here:


For those of you inclined to observe what passes for high society and its mis(adventures), the latest spectacle between society gals Jules Kirby, Tinsley Mortimer and the team over at Guest of a Guest has morphed into one of those rare delicious train wrecks that never ceases to amaze us. Every time you think the blood has stopped spilling it spills again. With the assistance of the NY Post the javelin jabs against MS Kirby have of late been relentless and unsparing. Of course we acknowledge this always makes for brilliant spectacle and since this is media, the reiteration of demons and fantasies is what sells those circus seats. And when we say circus we really mean ‘CIRQ- ASS’!!

That said, with the debut of the much hyped reality show – ‘High Society,’ that Ms Kirby is set to appear alongside with her once best friends Ms Tinsley Mortimer and Dabney Mercer (blah!) drawing closer (tomorrow evening) we decided to take Ms Kirby aside (who despite effectively vetoing most media of late granted us an exclusive) and get her side of the story, and reflect on what she likes to like call the copy and (re)paste tactics of Guest of a Guest’s (or rather Pest of a Guest it seems…) Editor in ChiefRachelle Hruska. What follows is a stinging rebuttal by Ms Kirby who claims that she is effectively the victim of a relentless witch hunt by an outfit that lacks  ‘background’ and ‘validity.’ Like most media, we too enjoy violent spectacle, even if it leaves us with a mild hangover. That said, please tuck in, put on your seatbelt and enjoy the carnage that is about to follow.

SCV: What is your current take on society and why do you think there is such a heightened interest from many members of society of what takes place?

JK: I don’t think anyone who is confident in their own lives are interested in what is “going on””. What is going on?

SCV: To what extent do you think the media has appropriated what goes on in society and used, or rather ‘copy and pasted’ what goes on to serve their own interest?

JK: I believe there is a bit of a mess, mainly having to do with the internet. Information is copied and pasted and passed at a record time. It leaves very little of this time for the people to think objectively. Too much to look at and very little time for those involved to reply or find the true source. If you are one of those who care so much as to what the public think, you are probably thinking ‘My Public,’ 24/7 and doing your head in right about now.

The pathetic fixtures of New York High Society.

Tabloid Sleaze and the players that make it!

Pest of a Guest- Tinsley Mortimer.

Photo courtesy of Jules Kirby.



  1. Ok First off……
    If the girl does charity work – good for her, If she doesn’t – who gives a flying fuck!
    Also Hewitt (COMMENT 17)…. when talking about her boutique in France you said..
    “and a whole island to say that it is in fact there…”
    I swear some of my latte came out of my nose.. tell me you are not talking about the “Island” of france – you stupid, vapid piece of nothingness, you are trying to defend someone who people are making fun of and are coming off looking like an extra from Clueless!!! If you are talking about the “Island” of…. erm.. I am struggling with what you were talking about.. lay off the coke or crack pipe and go run a marathon back to community college and get a clue!

  2. This cow is a horrible excuse for a human being.. She is claiming that editing caused her to look like a racist.. Well darling what about the scaving e mail you sent asking the producers if ( blank for privacy reasons ) was black,,, fat… gay… Jewish,,..as you wouldn’t be able to censor your mouth? YOUR a LOSER and should NEVER BE allowed in public or on TV. YOUR a horrible person and a HUGE C.. SHAME On you YOUR a mess. Keep doing your blow cuz that is just so cool and chic right? NOT.

  3. Wow … The drama. If a reality film crew followed most of us around, America would find something to tear us apart. The peanut gallery always has an opinion. You would think high society, would come with a higher education and maybe an open mind. The truth is more money or not, this is what the youth is exposed to. This is the reality of kids today, period. Coke is everywhere. People even with all the knowledge we have, are assholes. It is disappointing to hear the gay, Jew, n-word crap. Where is the class in our society as a whole.

    Tinsley Mortimer is not looking very classy being involved with this show. If these are her friends and then she is also willing to throw them under the bus to be on the CW network, looks like she sold her soul to the devil.

  4. Jules is sweet at heart but she is a manipulative manic depressive and speaking of cokewhores she used to do blow for days and fuck randoms, Hispanic graffiti taggers would pass her around, and how about that time you made up the story about being raped in a bathroom of a now defunct club, Jules? and she has always wanted to be on tv a talking head. as for the boutique, who knows and if it was her running it shed be there.

    acknowledge your past Jules otherwise you seem like a psychotic delusional schizophrenic

  5. Well, at least this answers the question, “What will happen to the spoiled brats on Bravo’s ‘NYC Prep’?” They become even more spoiled adults.

    It’s amazing though that for all of their wealth & affluence, they still seem to have insecurity and need to prove to themselves they have actually accomplished something with their life.

  6. Might I add that PJC is a complete fake and no one knows who or where Malik So Chic comes from. Complete idiots and obviously drug addicts too.

  7. Jules Kirby is a great person. The others are TRASH including Annabel Vartanian whom was shown briefly. She is addicted to Heroin, been in rehab numerous times and disowned from her family. This is public knowledge in NYC along with Kristian Laliberte and the group they socialize with, it’s quite pathetic and heart breaking. No one seems to understand the illegal drug usage of these people in NYC. They are not role models, just death models.

  8. Reality shows are a cheaply produced way to inflict despicable people on non-discerning TV viewers.

    I watched the first High Society as a joke, and will not watch it again. I hope all the nouveau riche losers on this show will do something that would really be entertaining-that is, remove their worthless selves from this world. Maybe some will get kidnapped and shot when no one pays ransom, perhaps others will OD, hopefully in a rat infested back alley. No fate would be too horrid for these miserable self absorbed poseurs.

    The only way “club” should be in their lives is if it hits them over their empty heads.

  9. Just a Thought? Everywhere, including those Europeans who hate us so much has reality shows. This is titled a Docusoap which stems from the UK.
    Park avenue for a free America? How could miss Kirby be taking cocaine and running? Malik So Chic has posted on this article. What you have written is more demeaning than a mention Jules has made.
    Intelligence Matters.

  10. It’s no surprise that if you run in this kind of “circle”, people are bound to publicize all kinds of ideas and statements that lack validity. That kind of garbage happens enough in circles that do not involve “high society”…it’s human nature. That said, I think Jules is a sweet girl, as are many who are part of that crowd. The sad fact is that, yes, as some others point out, there are people FAR wealthier than any of these individuals who don’t believe in subjecting themselves to the asinine parties and social scenes that these people do. As someone who has gone to all the parties, etc., though, Jules is pretty level-headed, and this interview definitely has evidenced that.

    As for the “High Society” crowd and TV show as a whole, people will watch it regardless of any shit they may talk about it. I think the best philosophy to adopt is to say “it is what it is”…it’s pure entertainment, guys. Take it at face value and stop blowing things out of proportion. Drama always exists…the extent to which you are a player in it is largely up to you.

  11. I have an idea. What if we get Jules and Rachelle to race each other in a marathon and at the halfway mark get that fat freak Malik So Chic to come out and give them a facial, a glass of champagne and of course the obligatory line of coke.

    Wait, let’s scratch that idea, if I remember correctly Jules doesn’t like ‘niggers,’ Jews or fags. That leaves Malik only passing on the part that he’s not Jewish. Damn, there must be a solution to this crises…

  12. Who cares about this “high-society” tv show and these faux high society people. I think it is a disgrace that we give people like this such air time. There are more important things going on in the world and they are giving America a bad name. Please stop the insanity. These people are worthless.

  13. Snorting coke at the Rose Bar? Which episode of ‘High Society’ should we wait to see Rachelle stumbling high out of? The first or the last, I say the first…

  14. This show looks ridiculous and several of the characters are total posers that are social climbers. Devorah Rose is disgusting, she used to dance in champagne rooms and looks incredibly masculine. Tinsley and Dabney might come from money unlike the transvestite but all of these girls have one thing in common. DRUGS. They are all the biggest coke heads along with Rachelle and her posse including two other bloggers with other sites, everyone in the scene knows this to be true. Look at all of their noses, they are opaque from snorting so much blow. Wonder if this will been shown on camera? Rachelle is a major fake who does not pay anyone on her staff, is a kept woman by her ex boyfriend and created a fake business partner. Whatever….

    They all need to grow up and get a life. Just go to the Rose Bar on any given night and you will hear them all snorting away together in the bathroom. This show should be called Trailer Trash instead of High Society.

  15. OC, if you google Jules and Cancer Research you will see that she has surpassed her goal in raising money for her marathon. I am a friend of hers and we are running together on the same team. You may also look on New York Road Runners and see her upcoming runs and past ones.
    These allegations need to stop about her boutique as it does exist. There are photos, a phone number and a whole island to say that it is in fact there. She does not say it is a department store, and as she has displayed with quiet grace over the past two weeks of I am sure torment she is quite private.
    It is remarkable how dumb and shooken up you are that Jules is so smart to lay low and humble while you regret lying so loud.
    Your loss at not having her as a comrade. She is a great one!!

  16. Die scallywag!!! I have been up on blow for three days straight and just as i was about to go into a coma till the weekend you made me comment about these stupid social sluts…Honestly i hate you all in fact it would fill my heart with glee if all these bitches would jump off the empirestate building….

  17. Wait !!!did Patrick mcmullan okay these articles? If not i believe we are all in breach of our socialite duties and if he stops publishing the parties he will be shooting “pest of a guest” will have nothing to do. Cmon Rachelle youre an outsider …no matter what you do you are a mousy excuse of a have not and you should be more thankful that us New Yorkers LET you come to OUR events! That said, jet blue flys direct to bumble fuck nowhere so if you hurry you should be able to get home and cry on your kissing cousins shoulder by six

  18. Yes, Jules tell me are the first 11 comments really yours because I too have a hard time believing that all you really are is just a cardboard character made out of the imagination of certain media members..blah!

  19. Thanks sweetie, Jules is awsome and I really hope people dont perceive her in a negative way based on a “REALITY SHOW” lol.. People who have done reality shows know far to well that the show is far from reality. it’s scripted in such a way to capture and keep their audience.

  20. Wow, Jules… Do you think it isn’t obvious that the first three comments are by you!?!? “Jonny Pete Hewitt”…Is that the name you’re going by now that you’re in hiding?

    Also, I’d like to second Leah’s comment about the marathons – you’ve clearly never run one or you would know that 3 marathons in 3 weeks simply ain’t happening! It seems your athletic accomplishments are as imaginary as your charitable works or your boutique in France.

  21. I have to say all these people writing this shit are re-tarded. Honestly, whoever has made such bad life decisions that their only option is to write shit on other people, is pathetic. They have made a fool of themselves before thus ending up where they are now, and again are making the same mistake, fuckin’ sad. They acted up and now have to lay down.

    And another thing is the way these articles are written is a fucking joke. They just trollin’,

    I have to say their secret is they mad cause they got styled on by life, just like Lyod Banks says


  22. hahahah the media is retarded lately it hasnt even really started! wait til after tommorow!

  23. I know people with more money than all these kids put together and shun the spotlight let alone a reality show about being rich in NYC…its more NOUVEAU RICHE!!! and desperate.

  24. The tv made this girl look so mean. We can see now she was just unhappy. I would walk off set too. She proves that she has real friends and is aware of the world. Jules Kirby is very strong for having done this interview, and in such a poised manner. The good people are always the ones who can’t see the bad in others. Being that she is the most talked about and only star from the show, I hope that she can have fun and make some money for her charitable causes.

  25. The best and most honest piece written thus far. True journalism. Bravo to Jules Kirby for speaking the truth and not glitzing about town. Congratulations on the running, keep up that good work and never let these jealous ladies make you frown. Beautiful girl I might add!

  26. FINALLY THE TRUTH COMES OUT!!!! Rachelle Hruska is a phony and a fraud. She lives in a fantasy world believing that her “success” is attributed to her talent as a writer , however , her only talents are dating her investor that by the way is old and ugly> infact she is running around the back alleys of New York eating street garbage to get the taste out of her mouth! Burn in hell you fake ,wanna be, obnoxious hoax!!!!!!

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