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The world is relieved now that the Kardashians finally came out with their 3-D Christmas Card.

The Bastardization of Christmas
The Bastardization of Christmas will require you to wear tattered 3-D glasses.

It was bound to happen and it had to happen, the bastardization of Christmas courtesy of our favorite media whore friendly family the Kardashians.

The worst part about the illusion called family is that they created this mess as an illusion (yes the family were obviously photoshopped individually in the quagmire in front of you and then pre packaged back together- but did you doubt that ever?) to be rectified by another illusion- vis a vis 3 D glasses. I’m sensing it was some clever existential thing that Kim and Khloe came up with but both these bush pigs were brought back to their senses when momma Kris loudly whispered ‘No it’s just a gimmick. Please girls, have some self respect.’

This Christmas as I cuddle next to baby Jesus and Rudolph the red nosed reindeer I will quietly nuzzle forward my Freddy the VAMPIRE 3-D glasses and dream a pretty song for eternity, the tears wearily falling off my tattered lapel…if only the family hadn’t divorced you Kris Humphries it would have been all be too unbelievably perfect. Alas….

courtesy of Khloe Kardashians hard working pr team.

The pretense was more than these two could bare but thankfully the baby matched the skin tight leather leggings ala Kardashian style. Notice the child's custom made breaches bixches and his fierce expression of determinism- 'bixches wait until I get my own reality show...'


Lest we forget Khloe and Lamar are cover models auditioning for your soul...
It was once a crime to pay attention to Kris and Bruce but now it's become a fascinating social experiment of who will make themselves sweep each other's buckets of lies and self deceit. A healthy helping of these two in your eggnog should see you punch drunk until New Years eve.
And at 14 years old the Kardashian clan set out Kendall Jenner as their latest hopeful on the media whore holy grail...
But who really could ever be a match against the matriarch of media whore temptresses? Perhaps the little boy elbowing his aunt Kim Kardashian?



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