Home Scandal and Gossip Jon Gosselin denies extorting his ex- Kate Gosselin.

Jon Gosselin denies extorting his ex- Kate Gosselin.


You can now add a new title to Jon Gosselin’s laundry list of titles, a list, that is, impressively, even longer than trail of tots squealing and screaming behind him. He is now, Jon Gosselin: Extortionist.

Kate just got her fifteen on this year’s Emmy’s so in typical media whore, it was time for her ex husband 9th child, Jon, to pop his balding head back into the spotlight for just a little taste of power. Poor Jon, you still feel emasculated?  There is a pill for that…

He took to every media whore’s favorite social outlet, Twitter, to address the recent claims made by ex-girlfriend pot head, Hailey Glassman, that he had vowed to extort Kate and call child services unless she gave him money.

Radar Online: RadarOnline.com broke the blockbuster story on Wednesday that Jon allegedly threatened to call CPS on Kate after their daughter Mady hurt her arm. Jon was going to claim it was Kate’s fault.

And while Jon had no comment when reached by RadarOnline.com before the story was published, he denied the accusations via Twitter on Wednesday.
“Radaronline has been duped again by Hailey Glassman, who is apparently without a job and desperate for money,” Jon wrote on his Twitter

Desperate for money? Jon, I’m sure you can relate to that too. But who really cares about a little extortion between jilted parents?  Maybe a polite letter to all your fans might extort exact a collective paypal check of $20. At least then you’ll be $20 richer than a dead thud on a dead end road.