Home Scandal and Gossip Anna Wood ends up dying after going on a diet.

Anna Wood ends up dying after going on a diet.


Sometimes getting the killer body may end up killing you…

Anna Wood decided one Christmas to join her mother in a diet to shed some pounds. What Anna didn’t know at the time was her diet would end up becoming a full blown eating disorder that would eventually claim her life.

Daily Mail Co UK: When Anna Wood said she was joining her mother on a post-Christmas diet, they expected to lose a few pounds then carry on life as normal.

But within months the grade-A student at an independent school was caught in the grip of a terrible eating disorder.

Her battle with anorexia took her through several crises, all the time reducing her frail body’s ability to survive.

And just over a year after starting the diet, she died aged 16.

What compels a 15 year old girl to go on a crusade on her image? When after all was the last time we heard about a 16 year old boy dying of an eating disorder and furthermore why are women and young girls held to a large degree to be of merit so long as they fit into preconceived social beauty images?

‘She was never fat,’ said Mrs Gibson, who is divorced from Anna’s 62-year-old father Paul Wood. ‘She had a bit of puppy fat, but all girls that age do and it would have disappeared naturally.

The puppy fat may have left eventually but the need to look the part it seems never quite left…

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  • matt

    sorry i meant andy hughes

  • matt

    andy wood you are a horrible, inhuman piece of fecal matter

  • There was obviously something wrong with her mentally or she never would’ve been anorexic to start with.

  • Re: Anna Wood and your ignorance of a disease.

    It’s not usually just about body image. It’s the only control you can take. I speak from lengthy experience, and wish to god I didn’t.

    Nobody is so vain that they wish to destroy their family and their own life.

    I very nearly died, and my family have been ripped apart as a result. I was never brought up to diet, and I was never over-weight. I was always the other end of the scale (no pun intentional). I was labelled hollow-legs, in fact.

    However, at around reaching my teens, I started trying to have control of something, anything. And as a result of my circumstances the only thing I could control was being as thin as possible. Nobody really noticed because I was always skinny before.

    But then 15 years later, I was subjected to work-place bullying, and mis-managment amongst other things. Whilst I had successfully managed my illness for over a decade, and been very successul in my job, I suddenly felt nowhere to turn except starving myself.

    This is NOT vanity. Most of my days were spent embarrassed by comments about how thin and bony I was. It does actually take a lot of effort to get so close to dying that your own sister has to collect you from the doctor’s to get you to a drip, and then watch her trying to explain to our parents that I was going into hospital for a year. And missing out on life, my niece and nephew growing up, my friends, my boyfriend.

    This illness is not about trying t be pretty and fit an image. And it is very often partnered which self-harm and self-loathing.

    I’m betting you don’t wake up with that each morning.

  • Andy Hughes

    Good. The more of these idiots who die, the better.