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Concerns as fans wonder if Alexa Chung is going through bouts of anorexia?

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Alexa Chung’s ‘skinny’ legs leads to her getting a barrage of hate comments.

Alexa Chung  may be anorexic according to her fans…

The dailymail.co.uk has come out with some fairly incriminating photos of the model turned tv presenter looking more gaunt than ever, which raises the question what exactly is going on with Alexa? Just a fad, a temporary illness or an endemic insistence of starving oneself to death to correspond to preferred fashion and media hyperbole of what makes a woman beautiful?

dailymail.co.ukAlexa has in the past been honest about how she struggles to stick to a healthy diet, and admitted to losing weight when she is stressed.

In a newspaper column in The Independent, Alexa wrote in 2008: ‘My weight is dwindling as I don’t have time to go to the supermarket.

I’ll be honest kids, I don’t have time to go to the supermarket either, but that probably doesn’t explain all the weight I’ve gained these Christmas holidays either. At least though one can say Ms Chung is aware that her weight is dwindling which raises the question- isn’t that of concern to her or is this a self imposed moratorium to prove she can break another barrier, or simply a situation of heightened anxiety and a desire to conform to media norms of what photogenic personas ought to look like despite the part that says it’s okay to forgive yourself if one doesn’t cut the patina of a supermodel, which Ms Chung ironically does.

‘I speak to my mum most days and she always asks what I’ve had to eat. She gets very upset when I say: “Uh, I forgot”.’

She added: ‘I’m thinner now than I’ve ever been because I’m working so hard.’

Forgot or forced aside? Working so hard that one doesn’t build an appetite? And why is eating perceived as a laborious chore that only the less glamorous of us can subscribe to where as the more telegenic of us must resist for the greater posterity of our careers?

In 2009, when her weight plummeted further, Alexa admitted to struggling to keep the weight on when she is under stress.

Her U.S. MTV show had just been cancelled and Alexa revealed: ‘I’m naturally thin – I get thinner when I’m stressed. 

‘And you can’t imagine how stressed I was.’

Now she is even thinner than she was two years ago.

Again it’s clear Ms Chung is aware of her deteriorating health and yet chooses to let it deteriorate. It’s as if on some level she has deemed it acceptable to appear painfully thin, perversely proud of her thinness but personally repulsed by what that thinness represents. Worse, unable to reckon with her illness…

Or could it be a symptom by being so thin she has refused to combat that thing that vexes her, a greater symptom of the dichotomy of the fashion world that Ms Chung so often champions but one wonders denies her and so many young women privately.

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