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Leak: ‘Kate Middleton is losing her hair cause she’s anorexic.’

The half up, half down style exposed what could have been a hair extension strip just below Middleton's hairline, giving the Duchess some extra volume, according to Daily Mail.

Kate Middleton dresses to impress last night, but is she carrying a secret?

Intimations that all is not well with the future Queen of England have begun to surface pursuant to a leaked report that has made its way to this author’s desk that despite assurances to the contrary, the Duchess of Cambridge is deep in the pangs of anxiety that has elicited an onset of anorexia and the symptons that come with it- clumps of falling hair.

When the story of the Middleton sisters firing their long time hairdresser James Pryce broke late last week it was publicly held it was the result of tensions between that of Mr Pryce and that of his employer Richard Ward, a proprietor of high end salon on Kings road, a chic well to do London neighborhood. It was alleged by the dailymail that the standoff came as a result of bouts of jealousy.

But that may not be telling the whole story, according to sources I can not reveal at this juncture it seems that Mr Pryce was let go not because of issues of jealousy and trust issues with clients but rather because of private disclosure that he made with respect to noticeable scars on the duchesses’ head.

It all came about with an event in late October which saw Kate Middleton attend a charity event sans Prince William, her husband. At the time of the event, images of Kate Middleton with what appeared to be the effects of hair extensions began to make the rounds with speculation starting to go round that perhaps Kate Middleton was wearing extensions not because she wanted to but because she had to now that she was in the onset of anorexia as has been held in private circles.

At the time such assertions were discounted by the palace and not much attention was given to whether the noticeable scars on Kate Middleton’s head were the result of a hair extensions being worn. In fact the palace went on to offer that the scaring noted was the result of an injury and subsequent scaring that Kate Middleton had incurred as a youth.

The truth it now seems may be that the scars were the result of hair extensions that the duchess of Cambridge has taken to wearing to ward of any attention to the increasing clumps of hair that she has been losing, quite possibly the result of her dramatic weight loss since her marriage to Prince William, a sympton that often occurs with the advent of anorexia.

Even slimmer: Kate, pictured in London five years ago (left) and while on a tour of Canada after her wedding earlier this year

It’s a story that until now has received little airplay and perhaps for good reason as the palace campaigns to deflect attention from the deepening onset of what even a common person can surely see is the onset of anorexia, as even the dailymail.co.uk alluded to in late August of this year which has seen the Duchess shed even more weight since then.

But the Duchess of Cambridge has now become a ‘role model’ on controversial pro-anorexia websites because of her continued weight loss.

Once a healthy size 10-12, Kate, whose waist is now so tiny she managed to make super-thin Hollywood star Nicole Kidman look dumpy during a recent dinner event in California, is now estimated to be a UK size 4, known as size 0 in the States.

The future Queen of Egland a double 00 and still shedding?!  That’s hardly the story that ought to make the palace happy is it….?

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  1. The Palace already acknowledged that the scar was the result of a childhood accident. Leave Catherine alone, I’m sure she is perfectly healthy, albeit stressed.

  2. “obvious that it’s a scar and not hair extensions”

    article says

    “scars were the result of hair extensions”

    There are many types of extensions and if not applied properly, by a professional trained in that specific method they can indeed cause scars.

    However the formation of this scar to me doesn’t seen like something caused by hair extensions. I have many women on my client list who have hair loss from hair extensions. Tension alopecia being the main, but that comes from the braided and sewn in extentions. It would be damn near impossible to create a braid that small that would be able to support the weight of a weft. Also no hairdresser in their right mind would put a weft; 1) vertical, 2) that close to the hair line on the temple. From my personal experience as a hairdresser, I can not think of a single method that would leave such a thin scar.

    Is it possible she has hair extensions? Yes, diffidently. I’ve seen picture of KM before the engagement and her hair was nothing special. Although the change could be from having a personal hairdresser at your beck and call.

    As for losing her hair, she doesn’t even have to be anorexic for that to happen. The hair will begin to fall out at the roots in anyone who doesn’t take in enough nutrients.

  3. Keri. The source stands. Sing all the manipulated propaganda you like- which is what most manufactured news outlets offer.

    Ps- I never said that Mr Pryce would no longer not be retained, but time will tell either way, as Mr Pryce is in the hot seat. Have a closer look at Kate MIDDLETON’s figure. My salutations to your pr department.

  4. Ummm Scallywag, you should’ve done your research before typing this article.  According to the reports from the actual press, and not online ‘wannabe’ news blog like this one; the ‘Middleton sisters’ haven’t fired James Pryce at all.  Real news articles claim that the Duchess of Cambridge will continue to be a client of James Pryce whether he’s at Richard Ward’s salon or not.  Also, the story about Catherine’s scar was confirmed by St. James Palace and by Buckingham Palace.

    Looking at the photo above and the other photos that were published two months ago when the original story surfaced, it’s extremely obvious that it’s a scar and not hair extensions.  Only an idiot would mistake such an obvious scar for a weft of hair extension.  You need to do your due diligent research AND get some glasses before writing another article about royalty.

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