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Kate Middleton dresses to impress last night, but is she carrying a secret?



Images source: Getty. Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton along with her husband Prince William and her in-laws, Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall last night attended a gala performance event on behalf of the Foundation of Prince William and Prince Harry to raise funds for those afflicted by the riots in the UK this recent summer.

Choosing to depart from her more formal and conservative attire the Duchess of Cambridge was donned in revealing fashionable attire courtesy of the high brow fashion outlet Zara but at very low brow prices (ah what a relief). Dressed in a revealing short dress (which you too can buy for 69.99 pounds – assuming they have any left as even Zara have acknowledged they expect the ensemble that Kate wore to sell out exceptionally briskly as is often the case whenever Kate and her sister Pippa don fashion retailers outfits) the Duchess impressed onlookers with her feline streamline chic looks.

What though at this stage might not be public knowledge is that the Duchesse’s exceptionally feline looks might be the result of a distressing situation that the palace is loathe to make public but has been silently making the rounds in private circles in London.

Off the back of our story last night which saw a leaked memo sent our way to the effect challenging the recent story put out as to the recent riff between Kate and Pippa Middleton’s long time hairdresser James Pryce and his salon employer Richard Ward– it may well be that Kate’s feline looks might be courtesy of anorexia that she’s been battling, which has resulted in the Duchess’ losing clumps of hair due to the deteriorating situation and the regular use of hair extensions to cover the remiss.

That said perhaps a cursory regard of images of Kate Middleton’s appearances last night may in fact ignite or dispel such privately held rumors. You the viewer can be the judge…

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  1. Keri,

    You are right the picture of Kate Middleton in a light blue outfit does correspond to her and her husband’s trip to Canada. But that said, she seems to still look rather frail even in yesterday’s images. Would you dispute that? You don’t think the Duchess is struggling with a self body image crises? 

    I do think the ever increasing glamorization (who knew that was a word?) of anorexia and chic thin by fashion ad media circles is rather overdone and unsafe. Don’t believe me turn on the tele and watch the overtly malnourished femme fatales becoming us collectively gasp.

    With respect to my source it stands. I have promised not to give it up and perhaps there lies the dilemma. Such are the complicated affairs of media.

    I do hope in the last few weeks that the Duchess has been able to come to a resolution to her affinity for looking like a scarecrow on a dusty Kansas cornfield. Time will tell.

    As Sid from the Sex Pistols once said- ‘God save the Queen.’


  2. Scallywag you guys have had some fun and cleverly amusing articles in the past; I know you can do better than this!  The photograph of Catherine wearing the all navy ensemble was taken on June 30th 2011 when she and Prince William boarded the Canadian RAF plane to Canada, it wasn’t taken ‘this week’.  A link to an article with photos of William and Catherine boarding the plane that day includes the pic you guys posted here:  http://tinyurl.com/5vw3shd

    Important note: No legitimate news agencies have repeated or validated the previous SCV ‘Leaks’ article about Catherine losing a clump of hair because of anorexia.  The only re-telling of the Leaks story is on ‘pennies for content’ websites like Gather and Associated Content.  Why would any intelligent person believe a supposedly leaked memo from an unnamed and unsubstantiated ‘source’ about Catherine’s extremely obvious vertical surgical scar (with a visible, raised skin tissue line no less) being the result of ‘a clump of hair falling out’ from extensions?  Hair extensions aren’t even applied vertically in that manner.  Plus, posting a 6 month old pic and saying it was taken this week highlights the lack of credibility.  BP and St. James Palace stated the scar is the result of a childhood surgery, which is what the scar looks like.  Anyone can claim anything on the internet (and they usually do) but even sleazy Julian Assange and Wikileaks were able to provide actual proof.  Scallywag hasn’t provided any. #FAIL.

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