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It’s time to find out how scary skinny Ali Lohan really is…


Kids, ever heard the adage a picture tells a million words? Then let’s chew on the above picture (and the one below too thanks) and ask ourselves how desperate are women these days to live emaciated existences for the chance to be billboard stars? Then again should we really be surprised when a society congratulates a woman on her continued ability to look photogenic and ‘pretty?’

Aren’t you thrilled that we’re all reaching to live past the status quo, I’m sure Ali is. Work that self hate girl!

Images via x17online

Ali Lohan still believes she didn’t have any plastic surgery.

Ali Lohan really is a hawt bixch. Sorry fashion victim….

Ali Lohan, sister of Lindsay Lohan gets signed on by Next Model Management. But can you believe it?


Anorexia: A coping mechanism or are women just vain and gullible?


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  • Jennie Caren

    whats disgusting about this is.. ANOREXIA NERVOSA IS A MENTAL ILLNESS. because starving yourself and going days without food, weighing yourself obsessively is all because she is a 1617 year old whore.