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FIT Couture Council Summer party. How the dandies came out to play.

Tiffany Koury in the middle and Scallywag,

Photography by Stephanie Malik. Patrick McDonald and Michelle Harper

This past Tuesday we were very fortunate to pay homage to FIT Couture Council’s Summer ensemble with distinguished guests and preferred fashionistas (and I do mean that in the kindest sense of the word). In short it was one of the more charming episodes in this summer’s social calendar and it brought a lot of good cheer and resolve that the Fashion World is as passionate and dedicated to its infinite talent base and the upcoming IMG Mercedes Benz Collections and of course quite giddy about the Council’s upcoming luncheon with the Kaiser himself- Karl Lagerfield Sept 10.

Held at the French Embassy, and sponsored by the good sports ‘Quintessentially‘  and as hosted by perennial favorites Yaz Hernandez, Alexandra Lebenthal, Charlotte Moss, Liz Peek, Dr Joyce Brown (who spoke to the audience), Valerie Steele (more on our chat below), guests included uber dandies Patrick McDonald, Peter Davis (who happened to have a book on dandyism in his possession if you can believe that…how we love Peter), Francisco Costa, fashion designer Victor de Souza (who we simply adore and we predict will be making you all very dizzy this upcoming fashion week), designers Nicole Miller, Ralph Rucci, Tiffany Koury, (whom we adore) celebrity stylist extraordinaire Kithe Brewster, society gals- Emma Snowden Jones (who always makes me smile), Alexa Winner, Tia Walker,Michelle Harper, Cassandra Seidenfeld, socialite favorites Roy Kean (who always looks smashing and so dapper, please Roy tell us who your tailor is?), Adrien Field, 1010 Wins anchor Juliet Papa, Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney, and anyone who else who I can’t think of that I should have, who bring a collective smile to our hearts.

Barbara Tobert, Yaz Henandez, Pj Pascual. Image source- NYT's Fashion blog.
Michelle Harper, Kithe Brewster, Victor De Souza.



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