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Kenny Kenny and his nocturnal entourage.

Patrick Mcdonald and Scallywag.

Image by Kenny Kenny- of Charles, as part of his Bon Vivant in NY series

This past weekend I found myself shamelessly cavorting with Kenny Kenny‘s entourage at a winding gallery space- Collective Gallery in the thick of Chinatown, NY. Of course if truth be known, Kenny Kenny flippant and ever witty bon vivant had already shamelessly cavorted with his guests before we had even all arrived. With sanguine dedication to the observation of light and dark, the stark, the vulnerable, the subversive (more on that kids…), the fragile, the bold, the nubile, and the lithe characters who made up Kenny Kenny’s poignant psychological photographic studies.

With half of downtown double kissing each other and yes taking more pictures of each other I was able at last to catch up with Kenny Kenny who must’ve had at this juncture 43 different shades of lipstick carousing his face.

Photography by Chervine. Kenny Kenny

SCV: There seems to be a fascination with gender appropriated themes. Why?

KK: It’s what fascinates me. I’m curious as to what actually constitutes sexuality and I’m open to the idea that in fact there is no one way or set of how to express one’s sexuality despite what society may like you to believe.

SCV: Meaning?

KK: Growing up in Ireland, I was rudely taken out of my comfort zone and told what I was feeling was wrong and I just had to wonder what was so wrong about feeling things that made me feel wonderful.

SCV: So is being what society considers subversive normal?

KK: Everything can be what we want it to be. We’re all equal, on one hand one could argue

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