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The Dandy set attend ‘Cleverly Clothed.’

Photo by Keith Ferreira. Vanessa Toleno, Poull Brien and reveler.

To be honest I’m not sure if it’s ever good form to ever be exceedingly late for ones own party but such was the case as I nonchalantly rolled up this past Friday night at Ella Lounge where this scoundrel along side dapper dandy Poull Brien were co hosting this evenings cocktail reception as part of the ‘Cleverly Clothed’ series launched by Poull himself. Half fearing an abandoned room, an annihilated midget cross dresser and one of those ghastly sorts that always attempt to french kiss you at first opportunity I was rather pleased to encounter neither. Instead what I encountered was a room brimming to the gills with what appeared to be some of society’s friendlier faces, a sing along starring our dearest Anthony Haden Guest and the most strikingly beautiful collection of people I’d seen in a while.

Pleased and relieved I then proceeded to tease Ms Britttany Mendenhall of Chichi212 who was keeping a sturdy eye as door gal before being allowed (thank you very much!) to proceed to host my own party. Carousing the dandy set (I must warn you now it’s a word I seldom use to describe human beings in this current century…) I was particularly charmed as one guest after the other proceeded to acknowledge me (except for the brute bartender who kept me waiting like a salivating dog) and offer me words of encouragement and kind accolades. I could have wept there but as you all must know aspiring publishers are never in the business of weeping but making others weep instead…

Photo by Keith. The Dandy set...
Photo by Keith. Anthony Haden Guest center.

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  • Ivan Orama

    Great event!

  • Alexander

    I’m not sure what’s worse, making the official picture record for a party or being labeled a “dandy”. I submit that dandy is quite a bit like calling a man a metrosexual a few years ago. Perhapse we could just do away with the labels altogether, but then readers would have to form their own opinions and we can’t have that.