Home Nightlife ‘Cleverly Clothed’ packs them in at the Paramount Hotel.

‘Cleverly Clothed’ packs them in at the Paramount Hotel.

Photography by Shoko Takayasu. Poull Brien and Lindsay.

Friday night at Paramount Hotel’s Mezz Bar in the heart of Broadway saw a chic cocktail reception sans tailored suits and evening gowns. Instead, New York’s hippest, sipping more beer than champagne at the fashionable shindig thrown by Cleverly Clothed, worked their dauntless combo of designer chic and high street cool.

Mirrors all around provided a fantastic view of the fabulous outfits lounging around the sensuously lit bar. The brightest shade of the night was worn by a stunning lady in a strapless ruby dress fit for the red carpets of Tinseltown. Sexily snaking out of those red borders, around her shoulder blades, was a tattoo; a simple yet effective fashion accessory.

Cleverly Clothed’s Poull Brien, sporting a tie and his best smile, had assembled this glorious get-together. He has his eyes peeled for the best dressed candidates (the prize is a special gift courtesy of Blank Label) but the night is young and Poull’s still waiting for the people who “step it up to show up.”



“There are 5 – 6 people rotating, they win all the time, even with different judges. So maybe they’re only 5 – 6 fashionable people in New York,” Poull said.

Joined by our co-host and fashion photographer Nadav Benjamin, Poull pounced on Nadav’s ensemble, adoring his long chunky sweater working under a tweed coat. “You can walk around in your undies,” said Poull.

So why did Cleverly Clothed decide to collaborate with Nadav?

“Nadav’s always had the best facial hair in the room,” Poull said with a naughty grin while Nadav’s was barely visible under his bushel of a beard.


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